This Pascual Toso Malbec 2012 is a steal!

This is a series of wine reviews by the members of the Vintage Wine Tasting Club. We meet every other month for a formal tasting session but in between we communicate with each other whenever we discover a great wine bargain. We love the sport of bargain wine hunting. Here are our bargain wine picks from the past week.

Pascual Toso Malbec 2012 – Costco $8.59, K&L Wines $11.99

Vintage after vintage, the Pascual Toso Malbec delivers in price quality ratio. This vintage is no exception. It is hard to believe that one can pay only $8.59 for a wine of this caliber. It easily matches up with many wines in the $20 category. K&L Wines also carries this wine, and even at their price of $11.99, it is a very good value. K&L Wines says this wine “over-delivers in the quality to price ratio.” This wine is a solid 88 points for me. The aroma is a bit weak, but after that the wine has no flaws. It has a great texture, while being soft in the mouth, with red and dark fruit flavors. The wine has an ample aftertaste. The wine is ready to drink now and enjoy. Your guests will be very appreciative of a wine that is tasty and goes with an assortment of dishes, from pizza and pasta to a juicy tender steak. You simply cannot go wrong by adding this tasty red to your lineup of December wines.

image of Pascual Toso

Pascual Toso Malbec 2012

H & G Priorat 2008 Whole Foods $15.99

Each season Whole Foods Market offers ten wines “at easy-to-swallow prices.” This holiday season Whole Foods has a Priorat wine in this selection of wines. Since I was in the Priorat in October, I could not pass up purchasing this wine for $15.99. I always decipher the wine label to learn more about a wine. In this case, the H & G Priorat label tells me absolutely no meaningful information about the wine. I would love to know the blend or grapes that are in the bottle and know the exact location of where in the Priorat this wine was produced. I went to both the Whole Foods Website and the H & G Website but, alas, nothing was found there on the details of the wine. Most Priorat wines are blends of Granacha and Carignane wines. A few are 100% of one or the other. I like this wine, but it is not a typical Priorat wine in my estimation. It is much lighter in style than a Priorat wine. Nonetheless, I found this wine to be enjoyable and, if you are a Whole Foods shopper, give the wine a try and let us know what you think. I give it 88 Points.

H & G Priorat at Whole Foods Market

H & G Priorat at Whole Foods Market

Consumer Reports on Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc

Consumer Reports recently blind tasted several Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc wines. Here is short video report from the ABC local news team. See which Cabernet Sauvignon wines and Sauvignon Blanc wines are recommend for the holidays by Consumer Reports.

If you receive this article via email, you will have to go to the posted article on Wine Values and Bargains to view the video on the Consumer Reports Cabernet recommendations.

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