Malbec at a Great Price

Terrific Best Buy Wine Crios Malbec at Costco - Under $10 - 89-Pts My initial purchase price of the 2017 Crios Malbec was $10.99. When I went back to Costco to buy more, I found the price had dropped to $8.39. What a nice surprise! At $10.99, … [Continue reading]

Why an Albariño – Two to Try

Those who regularly read know that we are big fans of Albariño wine. In 2005, Janelle and I traveled to Spain for a four-week wine adventure. We sat outdoors at a Tapas joint in Santiago de Compostela. We ordered Pimientos Padron … [Continue reading]

Costco Wines to Try

These are three wines to try on your next trip to Costco. Not all Costco wine departments are the same, so these wines may or may not be at your Costco store. Three Costco wines to try this week 2017 Charles Krug Sauvignon Blanc The famous … [Continue reading]

The In-between Chardonnay

In-between Chardonnay In our recent article on no-oak or naked Chardonnay wines, we mentioned the divide between the wine purist who chooses unoaked Chardonnay over the majority of Chardonnay drinkers who love the very oaky and buttery Chardonnay. … [Continue reading]

Which No-Oak Chardonnay is Tops?

Unoaked Chardonnay Blind Tasting unoaked Chardonnay Our Vintage Wine Tasting Club meets bimonthly to blind taste and score wines. It is a ritual that we have been following since 2009. Each meeting features a different wine theme. For this … [Continue reading]

Why you need to think about your wine glass

Many types of wine glasses, why you need one good one Think about your wine glass Yes indeed, there is something to using the proper wine glass. A wine glass with its shape, size and looks will make wine more enjoyable and entertaining. Let's … [Continue reading]