Take the White Wine Challenge

This is a look at a Gewürztraminer grape cluster. Beautiful! Are you in a white-wine rut, drinking only Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc? Here is an idea for the next few weeks: Take the White Wine Challenge. What this means is shifting from your … [Continue reading]

Thanksgiving Wine Tips

Best wines for Thanksgiving

Best wines for Thanksgiving are the ones you like Thanksgiving wine tips - Which wines? What wines should you bring or serve for Thanksgiving? Each year this topic is covered in hundreds of articles and blog posts. The bottom line, there is … [Continue reading]

Nottingham Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

Costco wine department has some amazing Best Buy wines. In the past few months, I have noticed an improvement in the wine selections in the Costco stores where I shop. I find new wines to try from different countries at incredible bargain prices. My … [Continue reading]

Carol Shelton’s Wild Three

Look for the Carol Shelton Wild Thing wines at Safeway stores. I purchased mine at the Burlingame Safeway store on Howard Avenue. The Wild Thing wines have a bit of untamed character. There is something thrilling about these three wines. Carol … [Continue reading]

Latest Costco Wine Picks

We have some excellent wines to recommend that are currently at many Costco stores. I, and other members of the Vintage Wine Tasting Club, have sampled plenty of wines over the past few weeks. We love these Best Buy Wines at Costco. Prosecco … [Continue reading]

Albariño is rising

Albariño grape cluster - delicious and crisp white wine grapes The Great Albariño Taste-Off Albariño wine is on the rise. Albariño is a white wine, most popular in Northern Spain. Once hard to find in our local area, it is rapidly gaining favor … [Continue reading]