Wine from Patagonia – Wow!

Wapisa Malbec 2016 - Patagonia, Argentina Wapisa Malbec 2016 - Patagonia $14.99 The Wapisa Malbec 2016 is a dazzling and full-bodied red wine from the Patagonia region of Argentina. The producer is the Tapiz Winery, one of Argentina's … [Continue reading]

Boom Boom Syrah

how to find bargain wines

Boom Boom Syrah 2016 by Charles Smith You may know of famous winemaker Charles Smith. I reviewed his top-selling Substance Cabernet in December. Charles Smith has several brands including Charles Smith Wines. In 2016 Charles Smith sold Charles … [Continue reading]

The Wines of Cornas

Cornas wines

Cornas is a French Wine Appellation in Northern Rhone Have you heard of Cornas wines? Cornas is a village and an Appellation in the Northern Rhone region of France. It is here where wines of 100% Syrah grapes are made. The Syrah grapes bask in the … [Continue reading]

L’Ecole Chenin Blanc Old Vines

Beautiful Chenin Blanc by L'Ecole - Columbia Valley, Washington Splendid L'Ecole Chenin Blanc Old Vines - Columbia Valley There is a lot to like about the 2017 L'Ecole Chenin Blanc Old Vines. The Wine Enthusiast rates it 91 Points, a Best Buy, … [Continue reading]

Grocery Outlet Wine Picks

Grocery Outlet Wine Picks Grocery Outlet stores are many in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area and elsewhere.Each store is individually owned. Some have fantastic wine departments staffed by someone who cares about wine. Others have a a mediocre … [Continue reading]

Pinot Blanc, Anyone?

Elk Cove Pinot Blanc

Our previous article was on Amarone, a relatively unfamiliar wine in this region of the world. The same can be said for Pinot Blanc. It is not one of your household wine varieties. Yet, it is one delicious white wine and very food friendly. Have you … [Continue reading]