Tempranillo Time for $12

Cune Tempranillo Crianza Rioja

It is time to stock the cellar with Tempranillo wines from the Rioja region of Spain. Spain is at the top when it comes to wines that deliver in quality and price. It is hard to imagine how wines from Spain can be so inexpensive. I recently purchased … [Continue reading]

Excellent Zinfandel from Dry Creek

Those of you who follow GoodCheapVino know that one of our favorite Zinfandel wines is the Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel. Pedroncelli makes excellent wines at old-fashioned prices. And, by the way, Pedroncelli is a fun winery to visit. Once the … [Continue reading]

The Versatility of Riesling

refreshing and fun tastiness of Dry Rieslings

The refreshing and fun tastiness of Dry Rieslings As a long-time wine drinker, I must admit that I did not discover the wonderful world of Riesling wines until late in the game. In 2011 we took a trip to the Alsace Region of France. In 2015 we … [Continue reading]

Lava Cap Barbera $15.29 and Bliss Sauvignon Blanc $10.99

We have two excellent wines, a red and a white to recommend for this week. The Lava Cap Barbera is from the Sierra Foothills near Placerville. The Bliss Sauvignon Blanc is from the Hopland area of Mendocino County. Lava Cap Barbera Lava Cap … [Continue reading]

Are Your Serving Wine at the Correct Temperature?

What does "serve at room temperature" mean? Serving wine at the correct temperature is often one of the most overlooked aspects of drinking wine. Let’s review the correct serving temperatures for all wines and figure out a way of keeping the wine … [Continue reading]

White Bordeaux’s to the Rescue

Chateau Coucheroy - Pessac Leognan Beautiful and crisp White Bordeaux wines are the perfect solution to this heatwave we are presently enduring. I'm sure there are more hot days to come as the World heats up. That's a topic for another discussion … [Continue reading]