A Delicious Oregon Pinot Gris by Joel Gott

delicious Oregon Pinot Gris from Joel Gott

A delicious Oregon Pinot Gris from Joel Gott

I find Pinot Gris/Grigio wines to be some of the most refreshing and zesty white wine choices. Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are the same grape. Gris is the French version and Grigio is the Italian version. Pinot Gris is grown widely in the Alsace region of France, and Pinot Grigio in the northern areas of Italy. I love Pinot Grigio wines from the Alto Adige region.

2014 Oregon Pinot Gris by Joel Gott – Safeway $10.79 at six-pack price

I purchased this delicious Oregon Pinot Gris by Joel Gott at the Burlingame Safeway. The sale price of the wine is 30% off, plus an added discount of 10% when you buy six or more. Joel Gott sources his grapes from various vineyards throughout California, Oregon and other parts of the world for his Joel Gott wine label. The 2014 Oregon Pinot Gris is from the Willamette Valley, where all those great Oregon Pinot Noir wines are produced. The Willamette Valley is just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. That means hot days and a dramatic cool down during the evening and night time hours.

The acidity is perfect in this Oregon Pinot Gris. There are lots of floral notes in the aroma and taste, plus an amazing lingering aftertaste. It’s a beautiful wine for a beautiful sunny afternoon. It is refreshing, tangy and tropical. If you are planning a Labor Day weekend party or heading for the outdoors, this Oregon Pinot Gris is the perfect fit. You cannot beat the current price at the Safeway for $10.79. 89 Points and very worthy of a six-pack buy.  Please see the Joel Gott Website for tech and tasting notes on the 2014 Joel Gott Oregon Pinot Gris.

Note on the Safeway 30% sale: About ten days ago I purchased some Gruet Rosé for $12.59 for the six-pack price. Today, the wine is $15.29 at the six-pack price. This is why you need to know your wine prices and keep reading Good Cheap Vino. I am aways mystified how the Safeway prices shift up and down and all over the map. It almost feels like they have a computer that jumbles up the prices every few weeks. Perhaps next week, the Gruet will be back at the $12.59 price.

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  1. Another reason to read GCV— your source of good wine values that are local… Just imagine buying a half case of wine and spending $3+ per bottle more than you need to— $18+ tax. You are effectively spending $20 more than you should…… Drinking good wine should not break the bank…

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