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Every so often I take a drive to the Redwood City Costco to check out their wine department. It is vast and varied, supplying a huge inventory of wines to one of the most diverse populations anywhere in California. One only has to walk a few miles in this area to go from neighborhoods that are poor to ones that are affluent. The Redwood City Costco has wines for ever pocketbook, deals on everyday jug wine to the extravagant. This is the Costco that sells the 2003 Petrus from Bordeaux, priced at a measly $2199.99 per bottle! On my latest trip to Redwood City, I purchased a mixed case of wines between $10 and $20 to try out over the next few weeks.

Nora Albariño 2010 – Costco Redwood City $12.99
Nora 2010 AlbarinoThe bright artsy label of this wine certainly draws attention to the bottle, but it is what is inside the bottle that is the real attraction. The Nora is a different breed of Spanish Albariño. It has a bigger mouth feel than most Albariño wines, yet still has the crisp and clean characteristic of the grape. It has a bit of a limey, lemony taste, along with some peach flavors and a very nice aftertaste. This wine calls for sitting outside by the grill and cooking up some shrimp or sardines on the coals. A glass of this wine with your grilled seafood, and it can’t get much better than this. The average price for this wine is about $16, so Costco is giving us a nice discount of $3 a bottle. 89 Points.

Moshin Vineyards – 2009 Barrel Select Pinot Noir – Costco $15.99
Moshin Pinot Noir Barrel Select 2009It is King Salmon season in the San Francisco area and nothing goes better with Salmon than a good Pinot Noir. Trouble is, it is hard to find a good one for under $30, but I think this one is a great choice. It has the full characteristic of the Pinot Noir grape, nice raspberry and strawberry characteristics, and the wine dances in your mouth with just the right acidity. I looked on the Moshin Vineyard Website but could not find this wine listed. The 2008 Barrel select is listed at $24 a bottle. Perhaps the winery wanted to unload this wine to Costco; otherwise why would they not have it for sale at their online wine store. If you like a good, reasonably-priced Pinot Noir, try this one at $15.99.
88 Points.

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