Nexo Garnacha 2015 $4.78

Nexo Garnacha
Close out at World Market in Bridge Pointe

Nexo Garnacha 2015 – Close Out

I discovered the Nexo Garnacha 2015 at my local Cost Plus World Market in the Bridgepointe Shopping Center of San Mateo. The store has a closeout section in their wine department that I regularly check.

The beautiful label caught my eye, but even more so the price of $5.98. There is always a sale at Cost Plus World Market and, if you mix-or-match, there is always a discount even on the closeout wines. In this case, 20%. Thus, the price of $4.78.

I am a big fan of the Garnacha grape. That’s what they call it in Spain, as opposed to Grenache in France. I am rarely disappointed with the quality and taste of any Spanish Garnacha wines.

The Nexo Garnacha is from the D.O. Cariñena in Aragon in Northern Spain. Zaragosa is the nearest major city to this wine region. Most of the vineyards in Cariñena grow the Garnacha grape. The Garnacha wine from Cariñena tends to be medium bodied and less robust than the same grape from other areas of Spain, such as Priorat or Montsant. The vines in Cariñena benefit from the soils and the altitude of 1200 to 1800 feet.

Nexo Garnacha Tasting Notes

The Nexo Garnache is light and lively. The fruit is refreshing, with a pleasurable taste. There is nothing deep or contemplating with the wine, just pure enjoyment. It has a bit of Pinot Noir characteristics.

I opened a bottle of the Nexo for Janelle’s book club meeting. If the folks ask about the wine and it disappears, you know it must be a tasty wine. That is how the Nexo played out at the book club meeting. I was a little embarrassed to mention the price. 88 Points!

Food with the Nexo

  • Paella with chicken
  • Great with sandwiches like turkey and cheese, chicken salad
  • Grilled salmon – Try the Pietro BBQ Salmon recipe
  • One Pot Pasta – Quick and easy. Delicious!

Keller Estate Oro de Plata Chardonnay 2011

Also at the Bridge Pointe Cost Plus World Market is the Keller Estate Oro de Plata Chardonnay 2011. A few months ago I review the 2014 Keller Estate Chardonnay. I was surprised to see a 2011 vintage of the same wine. The price with mix-or-match comes to $11.49. The Chardonnay has peaked but at this price, the Chardonnay is very good and worthy of a try. The Keller is not oaky or buttery, just a pleasant-tasting white wine with some pizzaz.

Keller Chardonnay Cost Plus
2011 is an older vintage for Chardonnay but still very tasty

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