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How to buy Navarro Wines

Many wine shoppers are turning to online wine buying. Do you know about Navarro Vineyards? Their wines are not in Trader Joe’s, Costco, supermarkets or wine shops. Navarro sells directly to the consumer, and they have an excellent lineup of wines. We love the Navarro wines and take advantage of their sampler package bundled with a one-cent shipping fee. We are on the Navarro Vineyards mailing list, but the offer is online at Navarro Vineyards for anyone wanting to sample these delicious wines.

Wines of Navarro Vineyards

Navarro Vineyards is in the Anderson Valley in Mendocino County. It is one of our favorite wineries to visit. We trek to the Anderson Valley once a year. We stay one night in the area and then follow that up with a two-night stay in the town of Mendocino. I hope it is possible to make that trip in late 2020. Only time will tell, but the Coronavirus may make us miss this year’s trip to Mendocino.

Are you old enough to remember Pacific Stereo stores in the Bay Area? Ted Bennett was the man behind that successful business. Following the sale of his company, Ted Bennett desired a more relaxed pace of life. He purchased the Navarro property in the early 1970s. Since the very first vintage, Navarro Vineyards has been a wine critic’s choice.

The white wines are around $20, and the reds are above. We like their Alsatian-style wines the best, but all their wines are good values. We are never disappointed in their dry Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc. Navarro does a terrific job on these Alsatian varietals. They also make a Chardonnay in two styles. The one we like is a crisp naked version, and the other is a more traditional oaky Chardonnay. We also think the Navarro Anderson Valley Pinot Noir is tops and priced nicely at $22. The Anderson Valley is the ideal place to grow Alsatian grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Pacific Ocean is close by, and daily fog and breezes provide the best climate for these varieties of grapes.

Gewurztraminer grapes – Navarro Vineyards

We highly recommend the wines of Navarro Vineyards and hope you decide to take a look at their online wine offerings.

Other great things about Navarro Vineyards

  • Sustainable farming
  • Family-run winery
  • No tasting fees
  • Fantastic picnic area with stunning views
  • No wine club to join, just the mailing list
  • A staff of happy workers

Nearby wineries with Best Buy Wines

Near Navarro Vineyards, and also in the Anderson Valley, are two other small family wineries offering great prices. They are Husch Vineyards and Handley Cellars. These two labels are often in supermarket stores and fine wine shops. We recently reviewed the Husch Chardonnay at Trader Joe’s. K&L Wines carries several of the Husch varieties.

Janelle and Joe – Navarro Vineyards, September 2019

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  1. Chris Bee says

    You didn’t mention the great late harvest wines.

    • Joe Becerra says

      My mistake! I do have two late harvest Navarro wines in my most recent shipment. I enjoy sharing those with friends but that is not possible under the current situation. Thanks for the reminder. Joe

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