Navarro Vineyards Mendocino Chardonnay

2017 Navarro Mendocino Chardonnay $16.50 a bottle

2017 Navarro Mendocino Chardonnay for $16.50

I just received my shipment of the 2017 Navarro Vineyards Mendocino Chardonnay. Now, until the end of this month, Navarro has a sale going on this delicious and tasty Chardonnay from Mendocino County. The price is $16.50; the regular price is $22. The other great news is that I paid just one cent on shipping costs.

Here is the reason why Navarro Vineyards has this wine at a sale price. The Navarro Mendocino Chardonnay is a favorite restaurant wine in Northern California, especially in Mendocino’s romantic village. The Pandemic is having a profound effect on all businesses, but especially bars and restaurants. Now Navarro has a big inventory of the 2017 Chardonnay that restaurants have not ordered. The 2018 vintage is out, so Navarro is hoping this sale will clear some inventory.

Here is why I like Navarro Chardonnay. The oak is very subtle and just enough to give the wine an extra lift. It is really about the fruit. It is refreshing and light, but there is a lot to enjoy in this wine. 89 Points, and this is my style of Chardonnay.

Call up your Chardonnay friends and see if they want to split a case with you. The Navarro people are terrific, and you will not be sorry about this wine. You won’t find this wine in any wine shop, so it will make an exciting gift for someone you want to impress.

favorite picnic wines at the Navarro Vineyards picnic area
One of our favorite picnic wines in the Navarro Vineyards picnic area

Some notable wine information

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