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Have you heard of  It is a crowd-type funding venture where one contributes or invests money to support new winemakers. uses the term “Angel,’” as in “Angel Investors” who support startups in their beginning stage. As the winemaker produces labels, the wines are offered at a discount to the Angels in the club. Currently members sign up and invest $40 a month. Angels build up their cash account and buy wines when they see a wine that catches their fancy. I think is a good possibility for finding wine values and bargains.

Naked wines

We tasted these six offerings from Naked Wines

Vintage Wine Taster Ray has been a member almost since the outset of and states:  “The wines are produced, not only in California, but in France, New Zealand, and other locations. The average cost is somewhere between $9 – $14 per bottle. It gives independent vintners a chance to produce their own wines under their own labels, many of whom work for established wineries. The wines are basically young and rarely barreled, so the whites rule, but there are some very economical, good reds and an occasional Rosé. A great feature is that the members rate each wine offered and score them as to whether or not they would purchase them again. It seems to be much better than the arbitrary point scoring. I would classify these wines as drinkable now and more for everyday drinking, not cellaring. I’ve been a member for three years and have not been disappointed in the selections and the feedback.” sent me six sample wines of different wine varietals to taste and judge with members of the Vintage Wine Tasters. We tasted them one at a time, chatted about each wine, and rated the wines using a five-point rating system, just as Angel members do on These are the wines we tasted, the point ratings we awarded, and cost for each wine.

  • David Akiyoshi Sauvignon Blanc Musque Clone Lodi 2013  – 4  Points
    $15 regular, $9 Angel price
  • Camille Benitah Mont Blanc Sauvignon Blanc  Lake County 2013 – 3 Points
    $24 regular, $14 Angel price
  • David Akiyoshi Sangiovese Rose Lodi 2013 – 4 Points
    $15 regular, $9 Angel price
  • Lay of the Land Pinot Noir New Zealand 2013 – 3 Points
    $24 regular, $14 Angel price
  • NakedWine Bonny Doon Vineyards GSM – 4 Points
    $18 regular, $16 Angel price
  • Matt Parish Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2012 – 5 Points
    $35 regular, $16.49 Angel price

We all agreed that we do see great possibilities with for finding some terrific wine values and bargains. We all thought the Matt Perish Napa Valley Cabernet 2012 was a terrific deal for $16.49.  This wine will age and develop over several years, but is very drinkable now. The other good deal was both of the David Akiyoshi wines, the Sauvignon Blanc for $9 and the Sangiovese Rosé for $9. Although we liked the Bonny Doon GSM, we thought it was priced too high at $16 to be a good deal.

I like the concept of but, for someone like myself who is retired and has the time, I enjoy the physical hunt for bargain wines. I love perusing the wine shelves, then picking up a bottle of wine and reading the label.  Like the wine flash-sale sites, the biggest drawback is you do not know whether you will like the wine you purchase or not. In a store, you can buy one bottle and then go back and buy more if you like it.  Online, you are likely to purchase a six pack or case at a time. However, does have a money-back guarantee and that is good thing for the consumer.

I would like to see Naked Wines post more information in their “Note” category about each wine, meaning how it was produced, exact location of vineyards, and tasting notes from the winemaker.

I have a link here to the Website that you can click on to at find out about Naked Wines and become a Naked Wine member. I decided to take their offer and become a Naked Wine affiliate. I am offering this as an option for readers searching for wine bargains. If you are a member of NakedWines, please comment and tell us your take on this fast-growing wine venture.

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