Mike Finds a Terrific Wine Bargain

Vintage Wine Taster Mike Beltran is sharing one of his Best Buy Wine discoveries on GoodCheapVino.

Rhone By Roger Sabon – $15 delicious Rhone red

2019 Rhone by Domaine Roger Sabon

“What a treat I discovered in this beauty of a Cote du Rhone wine!  Starting with the color, its vivid deep purple provides a hint of what is to come. The aroma and taste of ripe Grenache dominate the palate. The fruity flavor of the Grenache (80%) is supplemented with a small amount of Syrah and Cinsault. This is a fruit-forward wine that has great versatility with a wide variety of dishes. Cheese, pasta, and various meats go great with the Roger Sabon. The tannins in the wine will nicely complement these types of dishes. This is an excellent wine, and with the price of $14.99 is hard to beat. I rate it at 91 Points. It is at KL Wines in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Hollywood store.”

About Mike

Mike is a seasoned wine aficionado with many years in the wine retailing business. Mike has a huge collection of old-world wines. He began collecting wine in his 20’s. He has a knack for discovering outstanding wines in the under-$20 price range. Mike loves a wine deal. I recently went on a trip with Mike to Caymus Vineyards in the Napa Valley. There, he traded four bottles of 1973 Caymus for cases of the current vintages. What a wine negotiant!

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  1. Kevin Knox says

    Since when is a $15 bottle of Cotes du Rhône a bargain?

    Costco’s Kirkland CDR is $6.99 and at least as good as the Sabon. And there are several dozen wines from this region that are excellent in the $8-14 range. “Hard to beat” definitely doesn’t apply.

  2. Haven’t tasted this but the kirkland would be decent at twice the price

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