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The Grocery Outlet is a shot in the dark when shopping for wine. Our closest Grocery Outlet is in Redwood City, CA, and has one of the better wine departments of G.O. stores. The Redwood City store has a wine steward who designates which wines he likes by posting “Steve’s Picks.” We look for wine labels and producers that have a history of making good wines. Most of the wines on the G.O. shelves are from unknown producers. With most of my visits to a Grocery Outlet store, I do not find any potential wines to try but, once in a while, there is a super bargain buy.

2017 Mercer Family Vineyards Heritage Blend
$9.99 in select Grocery Outlet stores

2017 Mercer Family Vineyards Heritage Blend

Vintage Taster Mike Beltran recently discovered the 2017 Mercer Family Vineyards Heritage Blend at the Redwood City G.O. He likes it very much and the price is $9.99, much less than the $25 retail price. It is from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA, a top AVA in the Columbia Valley of Washington. Big and gorgeous reds are made there. 

Mike’s Tasting Notes

The blend is not on the label, so I called the winery to find out what it was. It is 53% Syrah, 41% Merlot and 6% Malbec, all grown from estate vineyards on Horse Heaven Hills. It is well balanced with robust flavors and intensity, characteristic of the AVA. The wine is excellent at this price. Suggested retail price is $25. I love a grilled Ribeye, and the Mercer Heritage Red Blend with its healthy tannins is an ideal match. The Redwood City G.O. has about a month’s supply. I’ll be back for more.

The Mercer Winery’s vineyards date back to 1972 in the Horse Heaven Hills. Growing grapes led to making exceptional Cabernet and red blends. The first vintage of the Mercer label was 2005. Mercer website

2018 Potente from Cellar Capcanes

“Potente” in Spanish means powerful. This wine is excellent and hard to beat at the price of $9.99. My last check at the Foster City Costco showed plenty of Potente on the shelves. The Potente is a wine that delivers in many aspects. I love the deep, red cherry characteristics. It reminds me of the Luxardo Cherries that Manhattan lovers use. The Potente is rich on the palate, with savory flavors and a big finish.

Potente Red Montsant
Exuberant red blend from Montsant

The Montsant wine region is in the Catalonia region of Spain. The soil of the Montsant is black slate and limestone. You can detect the minerality with a careful glass swirl and a swish in the mouth. It adds another dimension to the flavor profile of the wine. The Potente is a blend of 65% Garnacha, 15% Merlot, 10% Cariñena (Carignane), and 10% Syrah. The Wine Enthusiast rates the Potente a whopping 92 points. I will go with 90 pts. The producer of the Potente is Cellar de Capcanes.

The vines are 65 plus years old. The grapes are fermented and macerated in concrete tanks, then aged in a combination of French and American oak. All of this for $10. Holy Toledo!

Montsant, Spain


  1. I have given up on finding good wines at Grocery Outlet. There used to be a “wine steward”, or at least someone knowledgeable about wines, making recommendations for the wines carried at the Roseville, CA GO store but, that person is no longer there. On my own, I really can’t determine what might be work trying. The Mercer Heritage Blend was certainly a good find and, the only reason I went to GO. Keep up the good work.

  2. We’ve had a few Mercer and Mercer Brothers wines from Horse Heaven Hills. They are owned by Delicato who often has their wines from $60-80 a case if you are a member. They have always been very good including the Sauvignon Blanc that my spreadsheet says we have one bottle left. We have a couple 2017 and 2019 cabs from cases I got for $60 and a 2018 Mercer Brothers Cab that my notes say “bought 2 on way to Tahoe 11/29/21 for $8/each – should have gotten more”.

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