Meiomi Brut Rosé at Grocery Outlet

This is a really good wine deal - Meiomi Brut Rosé
This is a really good wine deal – Meiomi Brut Rosé

Meiomi Brut Rosé at Grocery Outlet – $7.99

You will love this wine deal at the Grocery Outlet if you like sparkling wine. At the Redwood City Grocery Outlet, they have a floor stack of the Meiomi Brut Rosé. For whatever reason, the Meiomi Winery decided to rid their inventory and negotiated a price with the Grocery Outlet stores. As a comparison, Total Wine lists the Meiomi Brut Rosé for $18.49. indicates the average price is $17.

I checked the Meiomi Website, but it is not for sale on their online wine shop.

Tasting Notes

The Meiomi Brut Rosé is a light blush wine made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from the California North Coast. The flavors are delicate and refreshing. It is soft on the palate and quite enjoyable. Bubbly wine is always a treat under the right circumstances. With the summer days coming to a close, the Meiomi Brut Rosé is a fitting choice for a relaxing afternoon aperitif. The alcohol is 12.1%. Meiomi Brut Rosé comes in a standard heavy sparkling wine bottle with an appealing label.

The Meiomi Brut Rosé will pair nicely with a soft and hard cheese plate. Figs with goat cheese and honey will rock with the Meiomi. I rate this wine at 88 Points, and it is a great deal. We like entertaining, and nothing beats starting out a gathering with a toast and lifting a glass of sparkling wine. We purchased several bottles to keep on hand.

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