McFadden Chardonnay – unoaked and refreshing

McFadden Chardonnay

McFadden Chardonnay at Mollie Stone’s

McFadden Chardonnay 2014 – Mollie Stone’s  $12.99

I have never met the famous Mendocino grower and winemaker Guiness McFadden, but I sure would like to. His vineyards supply many great Napa Valley wineries with grapes for their Riesling wines. The McFadden Farm is sustainable and organic. The wines under the McFadden label are always delightful wines and very high in price to quality ratio. Mollie Stone’s does carry some of the McFadden wines in the $12-to-$14 range. Overall, I find wines at Mollie Stone’s to cost more than you would pay at the Safeway and the like. But these McFaddens are good deals at Mollie Stone’s.  The McFadden wines are produced in small amounts so, when I come across any of the McFadden wines in my area, I will certainly make a purchase. The McFadden Farm and vineyards are located in the cool climate region of the Potter Valley in Mendocino County very near the town of Hopland. If you find yourself driving through Hopland on Highway 101, be sure to stop in at the McFadden tasting room. It’s a treat. The McFadden Chardonnay 2013 is a “naked” Chardonnay. That is the term often used to describe a Chardonnay that does not have oak or butter flavors. It is just the fruit that shows through. In this case, we have pear and apple and a beautiful crisp and refreshing wine. I love this wine as an aperitif or cocktail wine. It livens up the party. Try it with light appetizers or a  pan-fried Petrale sole. 89 Points.

Boudinaud Cotes du Rhone Blanc – Wine House, San Francisco $12.99

Reviewed and recommended by Vintage Wine Taster Mike

boudinaueBoudinaud Cotes du Rhone Blanc is a very rewarding wine. It is a blend of 60% Grenache Blanc and 40% Roussanne. It has a very pretty yellow gold color that shows legs on the glass that indicate glycerin and body. Boudinaud is a grower and winemaker in the Rhone Valley. The Southern Rhone area produces about 15% of white wine. There are wonderful flavors of lime and a touch of orange that are blended with sound acidity which makes this drink well glass after glass. We had it with Salmon and it was a very good match. After half an hour, there are more aromas and texture as the wine opens up. This is a great buy for those who want to taste something other than the traditional white wine varietals. Wines made from these grapes in California are much more expensive and I feel no better than this wine. I give this a solid 90 Points for value and taste.

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