Make Your Own Pizza Dough

make pizza dough

Make your own pizza dough

Make Your Pizza Dough and Other Essentials

The authentic pizza aficionado will make his or her dough. It will be far superior to store-bought dough, and even better than pizza dough at most restaurants.

Make enough dough at once for two or three pizzas.  Dough lasts about one week in the refrigerator, and you can freeze the dough in a ziplock bag. I always put in a dash of olive oil in the baggy first and then the dough.

My two favorite dough recipes that are easy:

The best dough requires that you let the dough rise overnight or up to 48 hours. Here are recipes from four expert pizza chefs.

The best flour for making pizza dough is Caputo 00 pizzeria flour. Look for it in gourmet shops or buy it on Amazon.

If making dough is not your choice, you can always try purchasing dough balls at your local pizza joint. Il Fornaio sells dough balls for about two dollars. You can also buy fresh or frozen pizza dough at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other supermarkets. These are okay, but not as good or as rewarding as making pizza dough from scratch.

make your own pizza dough

Pizza dough rising – takes about 1.5 to 2 hours in a warm location

make your own pizza dough

Pizza dough ready

make your own pizza dough

Divide pizza into dough balls ready to use. Keep one week in the refrigerator or freeze in a baggy

How to place your pizza dough and toppings on to the stone

My trick for sliding pizza dough with no mess on to the pizza stone: Use a pizza peel (see pizza essentials). Make sure your dough slips easily back and forth on the peel. At this point, do not put any toppings on the dough. Slide the dough gently on to the stone at  a 20-degree angle.  Let it cook for 45 to 60 seconds, enough to make a solid bottom on the dough. Take it off. Now, it is time for the toppings.

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