Luzada Albariño at Trader Joe’s for $6.99

Luzarda Albariño at T.J.'s

Luzarda Albariño at T.J.’s

2016 Luzada Albariño – Val do Salnés $6.99

Reviewed by Vintage Wine Taster Joe F

The May meeting of our Vintage Wine Tasting Club featured Albariño wines. They were very well received as unique and flavorful wines. Wine taster Mike found this Albarino at Trader Joe’s for $6.99, and I bought a couple of bottles. When the warm weather finally arrived, I chilled and opened a bottle and found it to be on a par with several of the wines in our tasting. This Spanish white is crisp with a slight effervescent quality. To me, the flavor has a smoky tartness reminiscent of some Sauvignon Blancs, but with a longer and pleasant finish. I served this as a cocktail wine over the weekend and it was an instant success with my guests. I believe dry Rosé drinkers like myself will find this Albariño a refreshing addition to their seasonal pours. If you are at Trader Joe’s shopping, look for this wine on the shelf. It is very worthy and perfect for warm summer days. Stock up!

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  1. I thought this wine was delicious. A favorite of my sister-in-law Irene. Very crisp and perfect for Summer! Can’t beat the price.

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