Louis Martini 2008 Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon

Robert Parker has raved about both the 2007 and 2008 Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma County, giving both wines a 90-point score in his past “Wine Advocates.” A huge number of cases of this wine have been made and you are likely to find the 2008 in many stores, ranging in price from $11.99 to $17.00. Both K&L Wines (stores in S.F., L.A., & Redwood City, CA) and Costco carry this wine for the same low price of $11.99. I really like this wine, but I have to say I would expect a lot more from a Robert Parker wine that scores 90 points. The wine is very smooth with good flavors, but in my estimation does not have the typical deep aromas and flavors found in a good Cabernet Sauvignon. I do consider this wine to be one of the better bargain wines around at the moment. It is a well-made wine and not so big and over-powering. It makes for a nice match with red meats.

Louis Martini Winery is one of the oldest wineries in the Napa Valley region. A few years ago it was sold to the Gallo Family. The Gallo Family owns many outstanding vineyards in Sonoma County and probably does not have the huge overhead compared to many small wineries. They know how to market their wines and this one is certainly a bargain at $11.99.


  1. Terry Johannes says

    Can’t find anymore 2008 Sonoma Cab here in Charlotte NC. Is it gone already? Seems like it was only around about 6 months. Picked up a couple bottles of the 2009. Hoping it’s as good.

    • It is probably in transition with some stores having some 08 inventory left. As you say, I hope the 09 is as good.


    • Hi Terry, you need to hit Harris Teeter as they have the 2008 (at least here in W-S). Also, HT is selling the wine at $10.99 with 20% off per case for the next 4 days (Thurs.-Sunday). That’s $8.80 per bottle. Mixed cases ok. Fill out a case with some Oak Creek @ $3.00 which is not too bad considering. 9/15/11

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