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Lodi white wine
Bokisch Albariño with Padron Peppers

Have you ever purchased or tasted a white wine from Lodi? It is likely not. We tasted six Lodi white wines at a virtual tasting on Tuesday. The six wines were from six wineries, and each winemaker was present to give us a detailed description of the wines. We were very impressed with these white wines from Lodi.

Lodi often gets a bad rap for its fruit-bomb Zinfandel. These whites are quite the opposite. They are all refreshing, crisp, flinty, and wonderful food wines. They are delicate and full of exciting elements. If you have the chance, give them a try. These wines are not found in supermarkets or most wine shops. You need to order online. Here are the six wines.

Lodi White Wines

  • Acquiesce 2018 Clariette Blanche – A Rhone grape
  • Markus 2019 Nativo (80% Kerner, 11% Bacchus, 9% Riesling)
  • Bokisch 2019 Albariño
  • Oak Farms 2019 Fiano
  • Peltier 2018 Prééminence (Chardonnay, Vermentino, Sauvignon Blanc)
  • Lange Twins 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

Earlier, we’d been shipped the six Lodi white wines for the virtual tasting. I thoroughly enjoyed all the wines. All of the whites were low in alcohol, ranging from 12.6% to 13.5%. There were two interesting characteristics in all six wines. Stone fruit and a touch of minerality were present in each wine. All the wines have an amazingly long and full finish. Here is what we liked in each of the wines.

Lodi white wines are crisp, light, and food friendly

Acquiesce 2018 Clariette Blanche

Clariette Blanche is an obscure white Rhone grape. Owner and winemaker of Acquiesce, Susan Tipton, grows one acre of the Clariette Blanch. We love the aromatics, the minerality, and the beautiful finish in this wine. This is a wine to have with grilled shrimp, cheese appetizers, and sardines. $28 a bottle.

Markus 2019 Nativo

The Markus Nativo is remarkable. The three grapes in the wine: Kerner, Bacchus, and Riesling, are from the Mokelumne Glen Vineyards on the east bank of the Mokelumne River. The Nativo is 90% Kerner, a German grape. This Lodi vineyard is the only spot in California growing the Kerner grape. The wine is refreshing and light, with lots of stone fruit. It is low in alcohol and, much like European whites, it is food friendly. Winemaker Markus Niggli says, “Drink with any food that benefits from a squeeze of lemon.”

Bokisch 2019 Terra Alta Albariño

Marcus Bokisch is the person who brought Albariño to the table in Lodi. He makes three different ones. The Terra Alta is the first California Albariño I have tasted that tastes like a Spanish Albariño. It is lovely. Have it with Padron Peppers and any light seafood dishes. Prediction: In five years, Albariño will be Lodi’s signature white wine.

Oak Farm Vineyards 2019 Fiano

Fiano is a Southern Italian grape. Oak Farms winemaker Chad Joseph had the grapes undergo a cool and long fermentation in stainless steel, and then a brief time in neutral oak barrels. The result is a wine with perfume, but very crisp and dry. The wine has a huge aroma. The finish is remarkably long. So tasty!

Peltier 2018 Prééminence

The Peltier Prééminence is a blend of Chardonnay, Vermentino, and Sauvignon Blanc that provides a fruity and zesty wine. Lots of stone fruit, including apricot and pineapple. Fantastic finish on this wine. Just a fun wine to drink with your friends.

Lange Twins 2018 Sauvignon Blanc Jahant Woods Vineyards

The Lange Twins is a light Sauvignon Blanc, 13.0% alcohol. The characteristic of this S.B. is quite different from the New Zealand or French style. It is tropical, with guava leading the way. It is dry, and the finish stays long and lingering. It is a seafood wine.

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