Learn about Chardonnay

Lovely and Crisp Chardonnay from the Anderson Valley and Navarro Vineyards.

Learn about Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a white wine grape from Burgundy, France, and the most popular white wine purchased in the United States. Domestic Chardonnay is vinted in two standard styles; the most beloved is oaky and buttery. Unoaked or stainless steel fermented and aged Chardonnay is less popular but gaining headway among younger wine drinkers. Sometimes this is referred to as “Naked” Chardonnay. Stainless Chardonnay is more crisp and fruity on the refreshing side of white wines. There can also be Chardonnay wines in the middle of these two styles. The Chardonnay can be barrel fermented or aged in neutral oak. This process gives the wine more depth in the mouth and takes some of the crispness from the wine.

Under $20 Chardonnay wines we like:

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Foods we like with Chardonnay:

Chardonnay and Padron peppers
Padron peppers sautéed will love a unoaky Chardonnay

Unoaked Chardonnay

Oaked and buttery Chardonnay:

* It was the Wente winery that was first to plant Chardonnay in the United States. In 1912 Carl H. Wente brought over Chardonnay cuttings from a nursery in France. Over the next 30 years, choosing selected vines. the Wente Chardonnay Clone was established. The history of Chardonnay according to Wente Vineyards.

chardonnay grapes

Chardonnay grapes harvested in the Carneros wine region of Napa County