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Chardonnay grapes

According to Wikipedia, there are between 5,000 to 10,000 different wine grapes (Vitis vinerfera) in the world.  Mind blogging, isn’t it? To learn about wine varieties, I am going to add one white and one red varietal type to this page each week.  The attention will be on the most common varieties that produce the majority of the wines we consume. I figure that to be about 25 different grapes. We will start with the most popular varieties purchased in the United States. I will also offer my suggestions for solid value wines for each grape varietal plus the foods we like with these wines.

Wine Grapes – Vitis vinerfera

White Wine Grapes

  • Chardonnay – the grape of Burgundy, France, that produces White Burgundy and California Chardonnay. Learn more:
  • Sauvignon Blanc – From Sancerre to New Zealand, a favorite white wine across the globe. Learn more:
  • Riesling – the grape of Germany and France’s Alsace region.  Learn more:
  • Viognier –  from the Northern Rhone and the Languedoc. Popular in California  Learn more:
  • Albariño – the refreshing wine from northeastern Spain. Learn more

Red Wine Grapes

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – the grape of Bordeaux, France. The king of California and the Napa Valley. Learn more:
  • Zinfandel – the red wine grape of California. Vines over 150 years old.  Learn more:
  • Pinot Noir – the noble grape of Burgundy, France.  Sideways Movie star. Learn more:
  • Merlot – one of the great Bordeaux grapes.  Learn more:
  • Syrah – the great grape of the Rhone region of France. Learn more:
  • Petite Sirah – dark inky in color, robust in style. Learn more:
  • Tempranillo – the king of Spanish wine. Learn more:
  • Grenache and Garnacha – In the Rhone its Grenache, in Spain its Garnacha. Learn more

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