Learn About Gewürztraminer

The Husch Gewürztraminer from Anderson Valley

Learn about Gerwürztraminer

Gewürztraminer is a cool climate grape growing widely in Alsace and Germany in the foothills of the Alps. Gewürztraminer is one of the most well-known grapes of the Alsace region of France. It is primarily a dry white wine but can be various sweetness levels. Late Harvest Gewürztraminer is a delicious dessert wine. In the United States, California, Oregon, Washington, and New York make delicious Gewürztraminer wines.

Character of Gerwürztraminer

The Gewürztraminer grape has perhaps the most distinctive and recognizable character, the lychee aroma. Once you pour Gewürztraminer into your wine glass, the lychee aroma should pop from the glass. Gewürztraminer also has a beautiful pale-yellow appearance. In addition, other flowery notes will add to the fresh character of this wine.

Breggo Gewürztraminer
This is a look at a Gewürztraminer grape cluster. Beautiful!

Gerwürztraminer we like under $20

  • Husch – Total Wines
  • Thomas Fogarty – Safeway
  • Mill Creek Vineyard – Bottle Barn
  • Navarro – at the Winery
  • Blue Quail – Mollie Stones
  • Hugel – KL Wines
  • Trimbach – KL Wines

The Great Gewürztraminer taste-off – Results of our blind tasting

Foods we like with Gerwürztraminer

Middle Eastern and Asian dishes pair well with Gewürztraminer. The spicer the food, the sweeter the Gewürztraminer style should be. We like Gewürztraminer with fish tacos. When we make or buy empanadas, we think Gewürztraminer.