Husch Mendocino Chardonnay 2018

Husch Mendocino Chardonnay 2018
Refreshing Chardonnay at Trader Joes – $9.99

2018 Husch Mendocino Chardonnay at Trader Joe’s $9.99

Attention Trader Joe’s shoppers! Try the Husch Mendocino Chardonnay 2018. The price is one third off the price at K&L Wines and the Husch online wine shop. The Husch Chardonnay is a combination of two Chardonnay vineyards. One vineyard is near Hopland, the other at the Husch estate in the cool-climate Anderson Valley. Husch says we have the best of two worlds for Chardonnay, warm and cool-climate vines combined. 

Tasting the Husch Chardonnay

Janelle and I paired the Husch Chardonnay with a delicious baked Halibut dish. A light fish with medium Chardonnay is a joy. The Husch Chardonnay has several different takes. There is minerality, a stoniness to the wine. We also find tropical fruit flavors. The oakiness is light. There is a good amount of acidity, and I find the wine to have a generous finish. Janelle says the Husch is not the typical Chardonnay she likes, but still, “It is a great-tasting white wine.” Point rating is 88.

I also see that Husch Chardonnay is at Total Wines for $11.99 and BevMo for $13.99. You cannot beat the price at TJ’s. 88 Points

About Husch Vineyards – Anderson Valley

Husch has long been a favorite winery of ours to visit in the Anderson Valley. Husch has the cutest little tasting room. Perhaps it’s fewer square feet than any other tasting room we have visited. The Husch winery began in 1971, making it the oldest winery in the Anderson Valley. It is family-owned to this day. If you get a chance, visit the wineries of the Anderson Valley. It is a terrific wine area.

Husch chardonnay Mendocino
Joe and Janelle at the Husch tasting room

Trader Joe’s Protein Burger

New to Trader Joe’s is a version of the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger. We tried it. We pan-fried the burger, flipping it over at the 4-minute mark. When the patty hit 160 degrees, we took it off the pan. Next time, I’m giving it a little more cooking time. I find that cooking these meatless burgers is a bit challenging. Once you get it right, the patties taste almost like the real deal — $4.49 for two 4-oz patties. Match it with a Zinfandel.

Technique Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Have any of you tried the Technique Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon? I found it at the San Mateo TJ’s, but it is not at the Millbrae store. $5.99, and it is a very decent red wine.

The fascinating thing about this wine is how different it tasted the next day. It was so much tastier. I found no information on this Technique Cab made by the Precision Wine Company anywhere on the Web, not even on the Precision Website. I have tried two different bottles of this wine, and for whatever reason, I am bewildered by the wine. One day I like, the next time I think it is too shallow. What’s your opinion?


  1. I did find both the Husch Chard and the Technique Cab at my local TJ’s. I like this style Chard, more of a French style. The Technique Cab is very good for the price. I have a couple braising recipes that call for a cup of red wine and this will work well. Of course, the rest of the bottle will keep the cook hydrated.

  2. It is always an excellent idea to use decent wine for cooking and sip the rest while cooking a joyous meal. Joe

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