How Well is Your Wine Cellar Stocked?

how is your wine cellar
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How is your wine cellar holding up?

I made the mistake of shopping at Trader Joe’s on Friday. The store was teeming with people stocking up on food supplies. The frozen food section was empty, all packaged nuts were gone, no eggs in sight. I was happy to note that the wine department was filled with wine bottles. I chose a few before heading home (see below).

Janelle and I and other members of our Vintage Tasting Club are in the age group where the experts say our immune system is not what it used to be. Some say it begins to decline at age 50. For now, and in the foreseeable future, we are keeping away from the crowds. No TJ’s! My wine cellar will take a hit, but I have a good selection of wines for the long haul. How is your wine cellar holding up?

If one is preparing for the worst in the COVAD-19 era, then certainly wine lovers need to check their wine cellars. I’m sure that most of you keep your wine cellar fully stocked. In case you do not, here are some thoughts on refilling your wine cellar and keeping a lot of different wines on hand.

If you must go to the Safeway, Costco, or Trader Joe’s, they all have a good supply of vino. I’m staying away from the big stores as much as possible. The pace is frantic, and one cannot help but be in close contact with others. There is no such thing as social distancing inside a Trader Joe’s store.

One solution is to shop for wine online. Just about all the wine shops have a Website designed for ordering wine online and shipping to your location. Or, you can pick up your order at a time when few are in the store. BevMo, K&L Wines, Total Wines, World Market, and others have great selection of wines under $20.

Another option is shopping online for wine at wineries. Almost all wineries have an online wine shop. We might be finding some wine bargains since many folks are not heading to the wine country for wine tasting activities. Buying directly from the wineries is a good way to help them out in this time of uncertainty.

I feel comfortable going to my local wine shop, Weimax Wines. There is never more than a few people in the store at one time, so better chances of not contacting the dreaded virus.

I found this article in Forbes Magazine – Best Wine and Booze Delivery Services.

If you must shop at TJ’s, try this amazing bargain wine. It’s $11.99. I would love to buy a six-pack of this wine, but I am not going back to TJ’s any time soon. 90 Points

Vino in moderation

Lastly, I am hoping drinking wine in moderation will help us through this stressful time of life for all. This article appeared in the Wine Spectator a few years back: Could red wine boost your immune system? Get plenty of sleep, watch some comedies (Seinfeld for me), walk or run outdoors, eat healthy, and drink wine in moderation.

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