Hedges 2009 CMS tops our bargain wine picks of the week

We have two bargain and value wines to recommend for our weekly bargain picks of the week.

Hedges 2009 CMS Columbia Valley – $9.99 at KL Wines
Hedges Columbia Valley CMSThis is lovely wine and it’s hard to believe that it is selling for $9.99. This wine is a crowd pleaser because it will be a good fit for a variety of red wine drinkers. It is a great wine for an afternoon outdoor event. This wine will go with sandwiches, hotdogs, hamburgers and the like. You can also purchase this wine at The Wine Stop in Burlingame but it is $13.99. The wine is a blend of 45% Merlot, 39% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 16% Syrah, with alcohol moderate at 13.5%. The wine has light black fruit aromas and flavors and is very enjoyable throughout. There is just a tad of tannins in this wine and it is medium in body. As a side note Costco and The Wine Stop have another Hedges wine they are touting, the 2008 Red Blend for $18. I tried it but it was too overoaked in my book, so I would not buy it again. 88 Points for the CMS.

Open Range 2007 Proprietary Red Blend $8.99 at the Grocery Outlet
Open Range 2007 Red BlendThis is a gem of a deal I found at the Grocery Outlet in Berkeley a few weeks ago when I interviewed Grocery Outlet wine buyer Andy Lee. The cost is $8.99 and I also got an additional 20% discount because of the wine sale the Grocery Outlet was running at that time. This wine is very delicious and I hope that your nearby Grocery Outlet still has some of this wine left. Give them a call and ask to speak with the wine department. The Open Range winery is located in Yolo County and the vineyards sit at 2000 feet and are farmed sustainably. The wine has beautiful aromas and flavors of black fruit. In style, it is a little more Old World with a bit of leather and earthiness to it. The wine is a blend of 50% Syrah, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Mourvedre. On the Open Range Website, this wine is available online for $18. I like it at that price but I love it at $8.99. I rate it at 88 Points.

A note from Vintage Wine Taster Mike.
Mike was at the San Francisco Costco store on Friday and met the owner and winemaker of Silver Stag Winery. He was there selling his Cabernet Sauvignon at $24.99, which is less than half the retail price. Has anyone tried this wine? Silver Stag Winery.


  1. Great Wines at those prices for sure … Good share Good Cheap Vino!! Keep it going….

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