Harney Lane Albariño 2011

We have some warm weather ahead of us this week, so bring out the refreshing white and rosé wines. Here is one wine to sip, savor and pair with appetizers on the patio or deck.

Harney Lane Albariño 2011 – Whole Foods $14.99

Albariño is one of our favorite white wines throughout the entire year, but in the summer months Albariño always seems to taste even better. I prefer Spanish Albariño wines to California Albariño because they taste better and they are less expensive. However for the Harney Lane Albariño, I’ll make an exception. This is a delicious wine that I found at Whole Foods Market in San Mateo for $14.99. The price listed on the Harney Lane Website is $19.

image of harney lane albarino at whole foods

Harney Lane at Whole Foods

Lime and Lemon notes are the earmark of this wine, with gentle acidity and a refreshing taste. The mouth feel is a little lusher than in other Albariño wines I have tasted. The finish is very nice, long and lengthy. When I sip this wine I think of sitting outdoors in Spain, people watching and feasting on one of Spain’s most popular Tapas, Pimentos De Padron. These are small and mild chili peppers fried quickly in olive oil and then sprinkled with course sea salt. I have found the Padron peppers at various local farmers’ markets including the Farmers’ Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. They are also served in Bay Area restaurants. We have had them at César in Berkeley and Coqueta on the waterfront in San Francisco.


Delicious Harney Lane Albariño

The Albariño grape is from the Rias Baixas region of Spain. The Spanish Albariño vineyards are on the Atlantic Coast, so that means a very cool and wet growing season. As you can imagine the Lodi climate is much different, but somehow the Albariño must do well in Lodi because this is a very delightful wine. I rate it at 89 Points. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

If you have a good-sized group, it might be fun to do a side-by-side comparison of this wine with a couple of Spanish Albariño wines. Try Paco & Lola available at Costco or the Seta Cepas at Weimax. BevMo often carries the Nora and that is also very good.


  1. Michael says:


    Spanish Albariño is difficult for us to get since so little ends up in California. I just brought in the Tangent 2012 Albariño from Edna Valley’s paragon vineyard at burlingame safeway. At the six pack price of $12.60 it is must try.

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