Grocery Outlet Wine Sale

Grocery outlet wine sale
20%-off wine sale is April 3 to April 9

Grocery Outlet Wine Sale – which to Consider

I went to my local Grocery Outlet in Redwood City to check out the wines before the big sale begins on Wednesday, April 3. I was not alone on my scouting trip. I noticed a few other shoppers, jotting notes or taking smartphone pics. This is a true 20%-off sale. The Grocery Outlet does not change the price on the wine just before sale time, like many other grocery stores do.

Not all Grocery Outlet stores carry the same wines. Each store is independently owned and decides what wines to carry. Some Grocery Outlets have an extensive wine department, while others have meager wine offerings.

These Grocery Outlet wines look interesting

I’m a big fan of the wines produced by Montemaggiore. I have met the owners, and they make top-tier wines. I purchased one bottle to try. It is spicy and very much a Rhone-style French Syrah. 88 Points. At this price point, it is worth a try.

Grocery Outlet wine sale
Montemaggiore at the Grocery Outlet in Redwood City

I also purchased and tried the Harvest Moon 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon from Dry Creek. The price is $9.99. I think it misses the mark. It is light in style and does not remind me of a Dry Creek Cabernet. 87 points.

I have not tried these wines but they look interesting. There are no guarantees. Some wine bargain shoppers will buy a bottle of wine that looks promising. They will head out to their car and pop the wine open for a taste. If they like it, they go back into the store to stock up.

  • 2014 Dona Paula Estate Red Wine $4.99 – a respected winery in Mendoza, Argentina
  • 2015 Buena Vista Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon $12.99
  • 2013 White Oak Mighty Oak Red $7.99 Winery price is $19. – White Oak is located in the Alexander Valley
  • 2015 Benziger Chardonnay Sonoma County $5.99, Average price is $13
  • 2015 Lola Kay Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc $5.99 – made by Rubisow Winery on Mount Veeder. The average price is $17
  • 2015 Carne Humana White Blend $4.99. A Joseph Wagner wine; the Wagner Family are the Caymus wine folks.

There are many other wines on the shelves. Most of the wines, I do not recognize. I would venture to guess that there are some gems among these, but others that are not very good. If you go to the sale, please comment if you discover a Best Buy Wine.

Grocery outlet wine sale

Grocery Outlet store locater

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  1. Jeanne Adams says

    Who Knew? Thanks for this article. I pretty much always shop at Ralphs, Trader Joe’s, Howie’s and Bristol Farms — depending upon what I’m shopping for. So I just assumed that Grocery Outlet was a Northern California chain — not to be found in SoCal. Unobservant me. Thanks to your locator, I found out that GO moved into the old TJ building in East Pasadena. Will check it out.

    And…thanks for the Costco suggestions.


  2. jason bourne says

    I’m in the $3.99-4.99 club. Got a case of the Revelare Lodi Old Vine 2016 Zinfadel which has a nice bold finish. Also, a case of Popcorn 2016 Chardonnay from Popcorn Cellars in Napa, CA. Nice, creamy with pear, apple, melon, and vanilla shortbread. Finally, a couple bottles of Forest Ville Gerwurztraminer for Chinese take-out. Room temperature should be 10 degrees cooler than norm, so I just put these in the fridge and enjoy.

  3. Stephen Stantz says

    that salmon dish looks awful

  4. Phyllis franklin says

    When is the next wine sale

    • You will have to check with your local Grocery Outlet for the next sale. We do not have any connections with the G.O. Joe

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