Grocery Outlet Wine Sale is April 3 to 11

We want to alert our readers that the Grocery Outlet Bargain Store has its 20% off wine sale from April 3 to April 11. Wine is always on sale at the Grocery Outlet, but the shopper gets an extra 20% discounted wine prices this week. The company buys wine from various distributors, wineries, and other sources. These wines are typically those that did not sell for various reasons. So grocery Outlet wine execs are always on the prowl to find these wine bargains.

Grocery Outlet Wine Sale

Grocery outlet wine sale
20% off wine sale

Buyer Beware at G.O. wine departments

The excellent wine deals go very fast. Many small restaurant owners with savvy wine knowledge will sweep the store and buy wine by the cases. You snooze, you lose is so true in this situation. Our Vintage Wine Tasting members will periodically stop by a Grocery Outlet store to see the current offerings. 90% of the time, nothing is appealing. But, now and then, something fantastic shows up. Example: Several months ago, the Redwood City store was stocked with various wines from the Kenneth Volk Winery. The owner sold the winery and all the inventory to G.O. Those wines were 50 5o 75% discounted. All the wines were excellent.

I did stop in the G.O. store in Redwood City on Tuesday of this week. The store was crowded with wine shoppers. Two knowledgeable staff were circulating the area to assist customers. I found only a handful of labels that I recognize as good wines. I purchased six different wines for a total of $68.48. My receipt tells me I saved a total of $168.08. Wow! I will let you know if I find any fantastic wines among my purchases.

20% wine sale at the Grocery Outlet stores
Three wines at Redwood City Grocery Outlet

Each Grocery Outlet is owned by different individuals. Some stores have an extensive wine department with a wine steward on hand to help shoppers. Other stores barely pay attention to the wine department.

Some of the better Grocery Outlet wine departments

  • The Mission, 1245 South Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco
  • Geary Store, 6333 Geary Boulevard in San Francisco
  • Redwood City Store, 1833 Broadway St
  • Palo Alto Store, 3445 Alma Street
  • Pacific store, 5550 Coast Highway

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