Grocery Outlet Wine Picks

Grocery outlet wine sale

Grocery Outlet Wine Picks

  • Grocery Outlet stores are many in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area and elsewhere.
  • Each store is individually owned. Some have fantastic wine departments staffed by someone who cares about wine. Others have a a mediocre wine department.
  • Most of the wines in the Grocery Outlet Stores do not make our recommended list. But every now and then there is a gem of a wine and it makes for a spectacular wine buy.
  • In this case, one must act quickly. The word on a good wine gets around faster than a speeding bullet.
  • Rumor has it that many small restaurant owners shop Grocery Outlet for wines. When they find a Best Buy, they buy the entire inventory.
  • Just this past week, we found some very decent wines to recommend. Although they are not spectacular deals, they are very good indeed.

RD Winery Syrah 2014 – $9.99

RD winery sells the 2013 77 Syrah for $41.99 on their online wine shop.  See for your yourself. Did RD Winery bomb out the 2014 to the Grocery Outlet? Vintage Wine Taster Mike Beltran says the RD 77 Syrah 2014 is a solid buy at $9.99. The wine is medium bodied and smooth with balanced tannins. G.O. also has the RD 77 Cabernet 2014 for $19.99, as compared to RD’s price of $46. Food Match: Healthy Mushroom Pizza.

Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc 2014 – $5.99

This wine is at its peak. If you purchase Valley of the Moon, make sure you keep it at cellar temperature and drink it within the year.. This Pinot Blanc has a generous mouthfeel with light oak. Last week I reviewed the Elk Cove Pinot Blanc. That Pinot Blanc is totally stainless steel aged and quite different in style from the Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc. The Valley of the Moon winery has not made this wine since 2014. Most likely this is why they sold the inventory to Grocery Outlet. Sold at for $13.99 – GCV rating is 88 Points. Food Match: Butternut Squash Soup.

wines at grocery outlet
Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc

Jenner Vineyards Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2014 – $7.99

Jenner Vineyard Vineyards Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir – $7.99 at Grocery Outlet

The Jenner Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast is quite similar to the Trader Joe’s Pinot and Kirkland Pinot that I recommended a week ago. Those two were $12.99. Save $5 and try this light Pinot Noir. I rate it at 88 Points. Food Match: Pietro Salmon.

La Follette North Coast Chardonnay 2015 – $7.99

Mike’s Review: The North Coast Chardonnay is a little beauty that has Greg La Follette’s fingerprint style all over it.  The Chardonnay has a lovely light gold color with brilliant minerality in the mouth.  The aroma is pear and white flowers – it has a similarity to White Burgundy.  It’s medium bodied with a full mouthfeel. It is an extremely good deal for the price.  I bought six and might get a few more.  I give it 89/90 points. Food Match: Pan Fried Petrale Sole.

These Grocery Outlet wine picks were purchased either at the Redwood City Grocery Outlet or the Van Ness San Francisco Grocery Outlet. As always, call your nearest Grocery Outlet to see if they stock any of these wines. Here is a link to the Grocery Outlet Store Locator.

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