Grocery Outlet Wine Alert + Favorite Pizza Vino

At the Redwood City Grocery Outlet – plenty of this wine was on display as of 6/30

Grocery Outlet Wine Alert – 2017 Gustafson Cabernet Sauvignon – $7.99

Gustafson Vines high atop the Dry Creek Valley

Sadly, the Gustafson Family Vineyard in the Dry Creek suffered significant fire damage on August 23, 2020, in the Lighting Complex Fire. The Gustafson Family lost their entire 2020 crop, and several structures were lost. Following the fire, the family decided to close the winery and sell off the entire inventory of wines. I purchased several wines at their fire sale in March of this year. Now, Vintage Taster Mike Beltran (Bargain wine super sleuth) found the 2017 Gustafson Cabernet Sauvignon at the Redwood City Grocery Outlet for $7.99. Mike’s tasting notes: “Very dark rich purple color with a medium-to-full bodied style. The wine has rich Cabernet flavors.  This is a high-quality wine and will be great with summer grilling. This wine will age. Put some in the cellar for a few years”  

The 2017 Gustafson Dry Creek Cab is 85% Cab, 10% Cabernet Franc, and 5% Petite Verdot. The vineyards were sustainably farmed. Janelle and I visited Gustafson Family Vineyards back in 2009. I posted an article about our visit on

Pizza Vino: 2017 Carol Shelton Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel Mendocino

Carol Shelton’s Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel

If you are a regular reader, you know I like this Zinfandel wine. I have several past articles that reviewed the Carol Shelton Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel. Yes, it is my favorite Pizza Vino, but it is versatile and will go with a variety of dishes.

This is a delightful fruity Zinfandel. Old Vine yes,  but nothing anything near a raisiny extracted Zinfandel that characterize some old vine Zins. This one is refreshing, but inviting, with fresh spice. I love the aftertaste of this wine. Lush on the palate and great with chicken, paella, and a fantastic homemade mushroom pizza. I also like it with my pesto and tomato pizza, arugula pizza, and fig and goat cheese pizza. See our recipe page.

The famous Carol Shelton, the Queen of Zinfandel, is the winemaker behind this gorgeous and fun wine. The grapes are from Mendocino County. This Zin is 76% old vine Zinfandel, 15% old vine Carignane, and 9% Petite Sirah. 90% of the grapes come from the Cox Vineyard in Ukiah, CA. The vines are sustainably and organically farmed.

The 2017 Carol Shelton Old Vine Zinfandel is at many stores. l purchased several bottles at the Total Wine store in San Mateo for $15.29 at the six-pack price. Mollie Stone’s carries it for about $17. I also often see it at Safeway stores for $16. KL Wines has it for $17.95. The Wild Thing Zin tastes like a $25 bottle of wine.

There many other great pizza wines. I met Carol Shelton at a wine tasting and have been hooked on the Wild Thing Zin every since. Do you have a favorite pizza wine? Tell us about it.

Mushroom Pizza with Carol Shelton Wild Thing

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