Grenache or Garnacha

Here are three red wines that have Grenache or Garnacha grapes as their base. What’s the difference between Grenache and Garnacha? They are the same grape. The French call it Grenache, and the Spanish call it Garnacha. Grenache is found mainly in the Southern Rhone and the Languedoc region of France. There are Granacha vineyards in many areas of Spain, but the most famous are the Priorat and Montsant wine regions in the Northeastern side of Spain. This area is also known as Catalunya.

Grenache grape in southern Rhone
Cluster of Grenache – Rasteau in the Southern Rhone Valley

Try these red wines

We recommend these three wines that have this wonderful spicy and lively grape of Grenache or Garnacha.

2016 Pinyolet Garnacha Montsant

Pinyolet Garnacha
Pinyolet – 100% Garnacha

I found the Pinyolet at KL Wines (Curbside Pickup) for $14.99. The Pinyolet is 100% Garnacha and from the Montsant region of Spain. The Montsant region provides excellent-tasting wines at Best Buy wine prices. The Priorat region surrounds the Montsant. The Priorat has the highest wine designation in Spain, D.O.Q. The Montsant does not get the attention of the Priorat, and thus the wines are very consumer-friendly in price. No big markups! Here is all you need to know about these two wine regions. 

For $15, you will get a lot of “Bang for your Buck.” The Pinyolet is rich with red and dark fruit character. The Garnacha in this wine yields intense flavors and a long-lasting finish. Wine Spectator gives it 91 Points, and I will go with 90 Points. We love the wine with Pork Chops and Roasted Red Grapes.

2016 La Montesa Rioja 

You may have heard of the pioneering Spanish winemaker, Alvaro Palacios. Here is your chance to try a beautiful Palacios Romundo wine at a bargain wine price. The Palacios Romundo estate is in eastern Rioja in the Yerga Mountains. Rioja is famous for the Tempranillo grape but, in this wine, it is all about the Garnacha grape.

The 2016 Le Montesa is 92% Garnacha and 8% other grapes. I love the spice, as in white pepper, and the cherry flavors that bounce in the mouth. The wine is medium bodied and delightful throughout. The La Montesa is a perfect Paella wine, and is also delightful with grilled chicken dishes. The price is $14 at Total Wine. 93 Points from the Wine Advocate; 90 Points is our rating.

2017 Creation Crosset Carianne

Delicious Cotes Du Rhone

Vintage Wine Taster Jim C found this delicious Rhone wine from the village of Cairanne for a measly $10 at Costco. The Domaine Grosset Cairanne is a beautiful and mellow wine and is a blend of four grapes: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Carignan. The Grenache is the most predominant grape.

What makes this wine so good is the Grenache. It livens the wine with wonderful spice and fruit. The Wine Spectator rates the 2017 Creation Crosset Carianne at 90 Points. Jim does not have a rating, but he returned to the Airport Costco in San Bruno to buy a case. That says it all!

Bargain Wine Alert at the Grocery Outlet

Vintage Wine Taster Mike reports on finding the 2012 Montemaggiore Nobile Dry Creek Valley at the Grocery Outlet for $6.99. On the Montemaggiore online wine shop, the 2012 is not for sale. However, the 2014 is “Just Released” at the price of $48. Mike says: “The Nobile is a blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is very dark in color but still vibrant. The nose is full of dark fruit. The wine is Syrah dominant, almost no Cabernet character that I could discern. It has some maturity but is still very interesting and an excellent bargain.”

At the Grocery Outlet in Redwood City

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