Good Sauvignon Blanc for Under $15

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the Indian Summer is upon us. What better way to enjoy the afternoon than with a delicious glass of crisp chilled Sauvignon Blanc?

Here are recommendations for three easy-to-find Sauvignon Blanc wines that are delicious and outstanding for well under $15 a bottle. Our three favorites: The 2009 Hanna Russian River Valley, the 2009 Ferrari Carano Sonoma Fume Blanc, and the 2009 Kim Crawford Marlborough. All three happen to be available at Costco in Foster City, but you should be able to find them easily at places like Trader Joe’s, Safeway, and many other stores. Why pay over $20 for a Sauvignon Blanc when you can find so many at much more reasonable prices?

Sauvignon Blanc comes in a few different styles. The Hanna and Ferrari Carano are both similar in style, while the Kim Crawford is more of the New Zealand mode that is heavy on the grapefruit aroma and taste. All three have nice acidity that makes Sauvignon Blanc such a fantastic wine with meals. Try it with fried Petrale Sole that is accompanied by a nice tartar sauce and a squirt of lemon juice. So good!

The prices for these wines at Costco are:
2009 Hanna – $11.99 – Sells at winery for $19.00
2009 Ferrari Carano – $11.59 – Sells for $15 at winery
2009 Kim Crawford – $12.99 – also at KL Wines for the same price


  1. love the Hanna SB, they have it at my local wine store

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