Good Petite Sirah for under $20

I recently got on a Petite Sirah kick. Maybe it’s because of the cold weather that makes the palate yearn for a nice dark, inky and robust red wine.  The first Petite I tried and recently reviewed was the Bogle California Petite Sirah at TJ’s for $8. Since then I have tried four others, three of which are in the GoodCheapVino range of cost and value. A favorite Petite Sirah among the Vintage Wine Tasters is the Cedarville Vineyard Petite Sirah from the Fair Play AVA in El Dorado County. It is about $29 at the winery and we buy some when we visit Cedarville Vineyard each February. I’m using the Cedarville as my benchmark for comparing the bargain Petite Sirah wines.

petite sirah wine

Good Petite Sirah for under $20

Cameron Hughes Oakville Petite Sirah – Online CH Website $19

Vintage Wine Tasters Mike, Ray and I split a case and a half of the Cameron Hughes Petite Sirah on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. With the discount, the price per bottle was $13.30, and that included free shipping. All three of us very much enjoyed this wine. It was an easy favorite for me over the other Petite Sirah wines I tasted. It certainly is a big boy, very robust and chock full of enjoyable flavors. Mike and Ray think it needs a year of cellaring to give the tannins time to smooth out. That may be true, but a slab of juicy pork ribs on the grill and this Petite Sirah will fire on all cylinders. The grapes are from the Oakville AVA in the Napa Valley. Not many growers have Petite Sirah vineyards in the Napa Valley, because there it is all about Cabernet Sauvignon. I am going with 90 Points on the Cameron Hughes Petite Sirah. On, there is currently a 20%-off sale with case purchases.

Michael David Petite Petit 2013 – K&L Wines $13.99

petite petit label

Interesting label!

The Michael David Petite Petit 2012 was the Wine Enthusiast Number Two wine of 2015. Could the 2013 Vintage be that much different? While I certainly enjoyed this wine, it did not have the finese of the Cameron Hughes Petit. A most interesting label for this wine. 85% Petite Sirah, and 15% Petite Verdot; both grapes are big and bold. Perhaps the Petite Verdot mellows this wine a bit. Let this wine breathe for an hour or run it through an aerator before enjoying it. Like the CH Petite, the Michael David calls for a big meaty dish. Robert Parker rates it at 90 Points. I rate it at 89 Points and it’s a good bargain at the $14 price. It’s $18 at the winery.

Spellbound Petite Sirah California 2013 – The Wine Stop, K&L Wines – $9.99

This is a Robert Mondavi Jr. wine produced from California vineyards.  It is a good representative of a Petite Sirah in that it’s dark and inky and has deep and robust black fruit flavors. The one thing I did not care for were the vanilla overtones throughout this wine, from the aroma to the finish. Many wine enthusiasts like that vanilla character, but it is not for me. I am ranking this wine as even with the Bogle Petite I previous reviewed.  At $10, it is a very good deal. 87 Points.

In comparing my favorite Petite Sirah, the Cedarville Vineyard,  with the four budget Petites, the one thing that stands out with the Cedarville is its balance and elegance.  It is a bold wine, but feels more restrained than the four reviewed. It’s complexity makes for a very enjoyable-drinking wine.

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    This afternoon I went to the S.S.F Costco near airport They have the Michael David Petite Petit 2013 for $12.99

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