Three Garnacha wines from Spain’s Cariñena

Cariñena wine, Garnacha

#GarnachaDay was Friday, September 20th. It seems that in the world of Social Media, each day of the year is dedicated to someone or something. Wine is no exception. I was delighted to receive three Garnacha wines from the wine region of Cariñena in Spain. Spain produces Garnacha wine from vines of several different wine areas. The Garnacha wines from Spain vary in flavor profiles from light to very big wines. For the Cariñena wine region, the wines are more light in flavors and body. The Garnacha wines from Cariñena are also very inexpensive, a bargain wine hunter’s delight.

These are the three sample wines I received and how they tasted. The three wines have a price tag of $10 or less. Currently, the wines are available at just a few wine shops. Use The Wine-Search.com or a 1000Corks to find a wine shop near you that carries the wine.

I believe these wines and all Garnacha wines from Cariñena should be served at cellar temperature, 58 to 60 degrees.

Sierra De Viento 2018 – $10

The Sierra De Viento has a toasty character, along with red fruit and white pepper spice. It has a rather refreshing taste. My favorite wine of the three. For dinner, we paired the Sierra De Viento with grilled Salmon. An excellent match! 88 Points. The producer is Bodegas San Valero.

Beso De Vino Garnacha Vinas Viejas 2017 – $5

Beso De Vino Garnacha Vinas Viejas is light in color, with fresh aromatics and cherry notes. It is light-to-medium in body, and also has a refreshing taste. It is fun, lively, and a good party wine. After taste is excellent. 87 Points

Fabula de Paniza 2018 – $9

The Fabula de Paniza is the lightest in color of these three Cariñena wines. Fresh and light is the watchword for this wine. There is white pepper and some liveliness to the wine. This wine is a stainless-steel aged Garnacha. 87 Points

Cariñena – a wine region on the move

There is only a small number of wineries in the Cariñena wine region, less than 50. Zaragoza is the nearest large city to Cariñena. This is in the northeast side of Spain. For more information on this area, check out this link. Cariñena Region to Watch.

More Cariñena Wines

It is educational, as well as fun, to try wines from all over the world. If you have not tried a wine from the Cariñena wine region, you are missing out. I recommend you try the Castillo de Monseran Garnacha Cariñena. KL Wines has it for a mere $8. I also like the Nexo Garnacha Cariñena at the Cost Plus World Market at Bridgepointe Shopping Center for an astonishing $5.

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