Garnacha Grapes – Wine Photos

Garnacha grapes from a Priorat vineyard
Garnacha grapes from a vineyard in Priorat

Wine Photos – Garnacha grapes – Priorat

This featured wine photo is a cluster of Garnacha grapes in the Priorat region of Spain. In France, the grape is Grenache. In the Priorat, Garnacha is the premier grape. The Garnacha grape in the Priorat grows in heavy slate soil. The result is a bold, complex wine with a touch of minerality. Garnacha wines from the Priorat are often blended with a small amount of Carignane. These wines can be costly, and wine experts highly rate them. The best bargain Priorat wines are ones imported by Eric Solomon. Here are two that we have reviewed.

Black Slate – Selected quality vineyards in the Priorat
Mas Donis – From the Montsant region, which is adjacent to the Priorat