Frieda Kahlo Wine

Frida Kahlo wines at Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market Wines – Which Ones?

Cost Plus World Market has a little bit of everything for the household shopper. There is indoor and outdoor furniture, and a wildly-popular gourmet selection of exciting foods, spices, and sauces. It is an eclectic mix of items for the home and kitchen. And then there is the wine department. 

It is also eclectic, with wines from around the world and several wines with crazy labels. How about Foodies wine or FitVine wine? How about a wine from India? Each wine has a Regular Price and a Member Price. To be a member, simply enter your email or phone number when you check out. Most of the Cost Plus wines are under $25. The overall selection of wine is not that great; but if you are a Cost Plus shopper, here are some wines we like.

2019 Frida Kahlo Cabernet Sauvignon – $13.59 Member Price

I had previously tasted the 2017 Frida Kahlo Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoyed the wine very much. The wine was at Costco and the price was $9.99. I have not seen the wine at Costco since. The 2019 is a solid and enjoyable Cabernet from the Maipo Valley of Chile. It is a mellow Cabernet compared to California Cabs. The aroma is rather subtle, but the flavors are appealing on the palate. It is a food-friendly wine to have with a Portobello sandwich, arugula pizza, or rotisserie chicken. I give it 88 points, James Sucking 92, and Robert Parker 90 points.

2019 Frida Kahlo Red Blend – $13.59 Member Price

The blend is Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot, all from a single vineyard in the Apalta area of the Colchagua Valley. This makes for an interesting wine, with a little more body than the Frida Cab. The Carmenere grape is one of the most widely-planted grapes in Chile. It gives this wine a little more depth. The Frida Red Blend has little aroma or finish, but the taste is quite nice. I like both the wines at 88 points. If you are a Frida Kahlo fan, enjoy a glass while watching the 2002 movie “Frida” or the more recent 2019 documentary “Frida, Viva la Vida.”

2020 Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc – Nashik, India – $9.99 Member Price

The Sula Vineyards label on this wine from India caught my eye. I have no knowledge of any wines from India. A complete surprise to find and, even better, a complete surprise in how much I like this wine. Chenin Blanc, the grape of Vouvray, France, has always been one of our favorite picnic wines.

A tasty Chenin Blanc from India

The price for the Sula Chenin Blanc is $9.99 at the member price. The alcohol is low at 12%, so it’s an easy-drinking picnic wine. There is slight residual sugar to the wine, just above the dry category. We like the tastiness of the wine and the flavors that go with the outdoors. Bring on the flowers, trees, and birds to enjoy with this wine. Have a bottle of the Sula ready for Chenin Blanc Day, June 20th.

2019 La Posta Pizzella Malbec – $13.99 Member Price

Complex Malbec from Mendoza

No doubt the La Posta Pizzella is our favorite wine of our purchases from Cost Plus World Market. The 2019 La Posta Malbec is smooth as a whistle, and delicious from start to finish. The wine is complex with a variety of fruit flavors, fragrances, and spices. James Sucking and Robert Parker both rate it at 91 points, and we rate it at 90 points. This Malbec will love any red meat on the grill.

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