Four Costco wines to try

In the past few weeks I dropped in at three different Costco Stores. Driving home from the Russian River wine country, I hit the Novato Costco. The Novato store is by far and away the most well-stocked wine department of any Costco stores I have visited. Plus, they have a knowledgable wine steward roaming the department. Near my home I have two Costco stores, Foster City and the South Francisco Airport Costco. Foster City once had a better wine department than the airport Costco, but that is no longer true. The airport store has more offerings at this juncture. Here are the best of the wines I purchased and tasted from Costco.

We recommend these four Costco wines

Trapiche Broquel Malbec

Trapiche Broquel Malbec

Trapiche Broquel 2012 – $8.99

Trapiche is a dandy, especially with the instant rebate at checkout bringing the price from $11.59 to $8.99. Vintage Wine Taster Bruce also purchased this wine and quickly shot me an email highly recommending it. Great nose, blueberry character throughout, smooth in the mouth. An herbal spice finishes off this wine. 88 Points for us. 90 Points from the Wine Enthusiast.  Also found at K&L Wines for $11.99.

Norton Malbec

Norton Malbec

Norton Reserva Malbec 2012 – $12

Norton Malbec, year after year, is an outstanding wine bargain. Although this one is very good, it is not as good as the 2011, but still is a terrific wine. I tasted the Trapiche above and the Norton on two successive evenings. I prefer the Norton. I think it is a more balanced wine and tasty from start to finish. 89 Points. The Wine Spectator rates it at 90 Points.

Cameron Hughes Oakville Meritage

Cameron Hughes Oakville Meritage 2013

Cameron Hughes Meritage Lot 468 Oakville 2013 – $14.99

The Cameron Hughes Meritage Lot 468 Oakville 2013 is just plain delicious and rewarding. Remember that 2013, especially in the Napa Valley, was a bonanza year. It may be the best vintage in a very long time. This is a gloriously rich wine with a multitude of wonderful characteristics. This one will age gracefully, but it is very tasty now. Give it breathing time and enjoy it with a juicy steak. 90 Points.

Carol Shelton Chardonnay

Carol Shelton’s Chardonnay

Carol Shelton Wild Thing Chardonnay $11.59

I’m a huge fan of Carol Shelton. If you read this blog you know about the Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel and what a terrific wine it is. Now here comes a Chardonnay also labeled Wild Thing from Carol Shelton. What is fantastic about this wine is that is does not drink like a California Chardonnay. It’s an altogether different animal.  It is 76% Chardonnay, 10% Viognier, some Sauvignon Blanc, and a few other white varieties. 70% of the juice was stainless steel fermented and the remaining barrel fermented. The Viognier gives this wine a floral punch to it. The stainless steel gives a wonderful crispness and refreshing character to the wine. There are no oak or butter flavors in this Chardonnay. I guarantee this, you have never tasted a Chardonnay like this one.  I have only found this wine at the Novato Costco. I just hope there is some left the next time I head over to Marin County. This wine is case worthy. 90 Points.

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