Force of Nature Zinfandel

The 2014 Force of Nature Zinfandel

The 2014 Force of Nature Zinfandel by Rob Murray

2014 Force of Nature Zinfandel – Costco $15.99

The Force of Nature Zinfandel is an action-packed wine with a wild label depicting a tornado striking what appears to be an Italian village. The Force of Nature is a wine produced by Rob Murray, who owns vineyards in Paso Robles and Santa Barbara. This is a lively Zinfandel wine from the Mossfire Ranch Vineyard above the Paso Robles Valley to the east of Highway 101. I found this wine at the Foster City Costco for $15.99. On the Rob Murray Website, the wine sells for $24.99.

The Tale of Two Zinfandel Wines

When I first opened and sampled the 2014 Force of Nature Zinfandel, I was rather positive the wine was too big and bold for my palate. Within 45 minutes, the wine became very enjoyable and quite by accident the perfect match with a pasta meal I’d prepared.

I found this recipe on the Cooking NY Times Website:  Fettuccine With Merguez and Mint Pesto. Merguez is a North Africa lamb sausage with a beautiful blend of spices. Once prepared, the pasta dish is packed with amazing Morrocan flavors and spices. It is a big plate of food requiring an equally powerful wine. The Force of Nature Zinfandel was the perfect match for the Merguez Pasta. Suddenly, what I”d rated as an 87-Point wine, became a 90-Point wine. This is proof positive that food makes wine taste different.

The hardest part of cooking up this wonderful pasta dish is finding the Merguez sausage. Luckily, my neighborhood supermarket, Lunardi’s, makes their own sausages, one of which is the Merguez sausage. I have seen the Merguez sausage in packages at deli counters, but I imagine the flavors are not nearly as good as a freshly-made sausage. You definitely should try this pasta dish and the Force of Nature Zinfandel.

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