Favorite Wines at Trader Joe’s

  • Vintage Wine Tasters select their favorite wines at Trader Joe’s
  • These wines are at most San Francisco Bay Area Trader Joe’s stores
  • Shop for groceries; then choose one or more of these Best Buy wines at Trader Joe’s
Luzarda Albarino

At Trader Joe’s a fantastic value Albariño

Favorite wines at Trader Joes – Vintage Wine Taster Picks

Grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s is always an adventure. Many of the shoppers look like they’re on a scavenger hunt as they scurry throughout the store picking their avocados, lemons, nuts, cheese, and organics. “Seek and you shall find” must be their motto.  The Trader Joe’s wine department is much less of a flurry. Wine, for most shoppers, remains a mystery. “Oh yes, I better get some wine for dinner tonight. Let’s see; this one must be good because it is a Crew Favorite.”

Good price for the Ferrari-Carano Fum

So what about the wines at  Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s has a good selection of wines both domestic and imported. They have their labels, Reserve, Gran Reserve and more. They also have wines that have labels exclusive to Trader Joe’s, the Pontificis, Tribunal, etc. I have purchased many of these wines over the years, and I find it a hit-and-miss situation. Compared to Costco wines, I feel like I am taking a chance on wine that TJ is promoting.  TJ also has the infamous, take or leave it, Charles Shaw wine selections.  They also have many of the standard supermarket wines like Kendall Jackson, Louis Martini, and Joel Gott. Take out the mystery and gamble and heed the Vintage Wine Tasters favorite wines at Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joes GSM

GSM from the Dry Creek Valley

I polled the Vintage Wine Tasters who shop at Trader Joe’s to ask what they currently like at the store. Here is the list of the Vintage Wine Tasters favorite wines at Trader Joe’s.

  • Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc $9.99 – Biodynamic vineyards, crisp and refreshing with some citrus character.   Latest Review.
  • Bonterra Chardonnay $9.99 – Medium oak and flavors, a gentle Chardonnay   Latest Review
  • Ferrari Carrano Fume Blanc $10.99 – Delicious S.B. from Dry Creek Valley Latest Review
  • La Paca Garnacha $6.99 – Bruce and Joe think it drinks like a Garnacha worth twice the price.
  • Luzada Albarino $6.99 – a decent Albarino for a ridiculous price.  Latest Review
  • Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio Trentino  $6.99 – Vintage Wine Taster Joe F’s pick. He says, “From Trentino, light, refreshing, and crisp.”
Frame this photo of the Alexander Valley

Photo prints for wine lovers.

  • Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier $10.99 – Fantastic picnic and outdoor party wine.  Latest Review
  • Pontificis Red $6.99 – Ray’s Pick: GSM blend, topped our blind tasting of GSM wines.  Latest Review
  • Poppy Pinot Noir $11.99 – Supposedly a Trader Joe Crew Favorite. Tastes like a Pinot Noir with raspberry and spice. From Monterey County
  • St. Clement Napa Valley Pinot Noir $10.99 – New at Trader Joe’s – Light-to-medium bodied Pinot, very much worth the price and more
  • Trader Joe’s Reserve GSM $9.99 – Mike likes the fresh fruit flavors, easy tannin structure; good with light dishes

Trader Joe's best bargain wines

Current favorite Trader Joe’s wine of Vintage Wine Taster Joe F.

2013 Pontificis at Trader Joe's

The 2013 Pontificis at Trader Joe’s

Spanish Garnacha for $6.99

Spanish Garnacha for $6.99


TJ Pinot noir

Both tasty Pinot Noir wines – A poor man’s Pinot Noir very worthy


Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc

Excellent picnic and outdoor entertaining wine

What wines do you like at Trader Joe’s? Please add your favorite to the comment section.


  1. Notice that the St.Clement Pinot is from the 2014 vintage- TJ’s probably got a good price by taking all the wine from the winery.

  2. romeo nicasio says

    how’s the St Clement compares to the Poppy Pinot Noir ? also, if you haven’t tried yet, go get the Honey Moon Viognier. Excellent nose and fruity. well balanced.

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