Espiral Vinho Verde

I read this article by a sommelier who is recommending the Espiral Vinho Verde, selling at Trader Joe’s for $4.99. “First off, if you’ve yet to taste a Vinho Verde, prepare yourself for a real treat” said the sommelier.

Off we went to Trader Joe’s for our weekend shopping. How can one go wrong with this enthusiastic review and the price of $4.99? We purchased a couple of the wines to try. Let’s see how this wine stacks up to our wine palates.

$4.99 Espiral at Trader Joe’s

The verdict: We have a lovely and refreshing white wine perfect for picnics and summer fun. In fact, we will be back for more. We are hosting an afternoon gathering in the late summer, expecting a crowd of fifty. The Espiral Vinho Verde wine will be perfect for several reasons. The alcohol is 9%. When we have a bunch of mature seniors having fun in the sun, we do not want to overdo it on alcohol consumption. Secondly, the zesty, slight effervescence is perfect for the outdoors. It is refreshing and lively. We will love the Vinho Verde with our taco truck menu. The screw top makes it easy to open. The tall, thin green bottle adds a little mystic to the wine. Yes, the sommelier is right; this wine is a real treat!

If you are a Trader Joe’s shopper, and even if not, stop at your local TJ’s and pick up a bottle of the zesty Vinho Verde.

Espiral Vinho Verde display at Trader Joe’s $4.99

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  1. Winelover says

    I saw the same article from TJs regarding Espiral Vinho Verde and my very first thought was, “I hope Joe tries this out and reports on it”- and you did! Thank you for weighing in. I’ll be heading out to TJs for a few bottles. Cheers!

  2. Tim Finley says

    thanks 5.99 at my TJ but it is very pleasant. glad I bought 2 bottles

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