Do You Know Gewürztraminer

Breggo Gewürztraminer
Gewürztraminer grape cluster. Beautiful!


Gewürztraminer is a grape from the spectacular Alsace wine region of France. It is a cool-climate grape with delicious floral notes and lichee nut characteristics. It is one of the easiest wines to identify by its distinctive aroma. There are few California wineries that grow Gewürztraminer grapes, most opting for the more popular white wine grapes. Yet, it is a delicious wine that should be in every wine lover’s collection. Gewürztraminer goes with exotic, spicey, and lively foods. Gewürztraminer can be dry or semi-sweet. It can be enjoyed as a sweet dessert wine. We have recommendations.

Our Vintage Wine Taster’s bimonthly blind tastings have been few and far between. We had to postpone meetings due to COVID exposure and infections. Finally, this past week, we were able to meet for a fabulous time of wine tasting, food, and camaraderie. For this event, we chose six California dry Gewürztraminer wines. See How to Start a Wine Club.

Our Gewürztraminer battle was very close, with just 10 points separating the six wines. Here are the results, cost, and where you can find them. Any one of these six is sure to please the palate. Be sure to try at least one Gewürztraminer during the Holidays.

Gewürztraminer  tasting
Gewürztraminer blind tasting of these six wines
  1. 2020 Mill Creek Dry Creek Valley – $17.99 Bottle Barn – See note below on Bottle Barn
  2. 2021 Gundlach Bundschu  – $18.99 Bottle Barn. $19.99 BevMo
  3. 2021 Balletto Russian River Valley – $15.99 Bottle Barn
  4. 2020 Navarro Anderson Valley Cuvee Traditional – $18 Winery only (Sold out)
  5. 2021 Husch – $11.99 Total Wine, $14.99 Bottle Barn, $15.99 BevMo
  6. 2020 Handley Anderson Valley – $26 at the winery

Note:  The Bottle Barn is in a commercial business region of Santa Rosa, a short distance from Highway 101. The place is warehouse-style, loaded with wines from around the globe, and features many wines from Mendocino and Sonoma County. We usually stop by on the way back from visiting the wine country in the Healdsburg area. There are many wine bargains to be found at the Bottle Barn.

Interestingly, all the wines in our blind tasting were produced and bottled at family-owned wineries. We love supporting the Mom and Pop wineries. But, unfortunately, they are disappearing from the wine country landscape.

A visit to the Anderson Valley

The Anderson Valley has long been recognized for its outstanding Alsace wines. Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and Pinot Gris are the top varietals. Pinot Noir, also an Alsatian wine, is becoming the signature grape of the Anderson Valley. Here is a great guide to the best wineries to visit in the Anderson Valley.

Anderson valley and Alsace wines
Navarro Vineyards in the Anderson Valley – a fun winery to visit


  1. JustAnotherWineSnob says

    Grocery Outlet has a Gwerztraminer called Roku for $4.99 – Great Value!!

    • Joe Becerra says

      I’m headed to a Grocery Outlet on Tuesday. It’s the last day of their wine sale. I will look for the wine.


      • Joe Becerra says

        I did not see the Roku at the Redwood City Grocery Outlet. Today, they received additional wines from the Kenneth Volk winery in Santa Maria. I purchased a Tempranillo, Grow Verdot – both 2013 & $5.99. Previously, I bought several non vintage GSM $5.99. Outstanding! Now sold out.
        Kenneth Volk established Wild Horse winery and sold it in 2003. Later, establishing the Kenneth Volk winery.

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