Delicious Pan Fried Petrale Sole

Pan-Fried Petrale Sole with veggies and oven baked fries

Delicious Pan-Fried Petrale Sole with veggies and oven baked fries

Delicious Pan-Fried Petrale Sole with White Wine

We love delicious pan-fried Petrale Sole with white wine. It is straightforward to prepare and scrumptious. Petrale is a mild white fish. It is available fresh in the San Francisco Bay Area year round. You can substitute red snapper or other white flat fish, but Petrale is the best-tasting fish for this recipe.  Petrale price ranges from $13 to $17 a pound. Buy it fresh at a good fish market. Make sure it is fresh, not fish smelly.

There are several recipes to pan fry Petrale. We like to cook our Petrale in a non-stick pan with butter and grapeseed oil. We dip the Petrale in an egg batter and then dredge it in Trader Joe’s organic breadcrumbs. Fry it for 3 minutes a side, less if is a small thin piece. Turn the fish over and fry until cooked.

Serve the pan-fried Petrale with homemade tartar sauce and a squeeze of lemon. Oven fried potatoes or grilled sweet potato fries go excellent with pan-fried Petrale Sole. Add a vegetable, and you have a very outstanding healthy meal.

If you have leftovers, a toasted Petrale fish sandwich makes for a fantastic lunch the following day. Toasted sourdough is the best. Throw in some tomatoes and lettuce and it is gourmet.

Frame this photograph for your home or office

Frame this photograph for your home or office

Pan-Fried Petrale Sole Recipes

Homemade Tartar Sauce

About a half cup of Best Foods Mayo should be the starting point. Add some lemon juice and dill pickle juice about one tablespoon of each. Mince a dill pickle and some red onion, about one heaping tablespoon each should do. You can also substitute chives for the red onions. Add a smidge of salt and pepper. Optional, add a teaspoon of dry mustard. Stir the mixture thoroughly and taste. Add more lemon, salt, etc as your taste buds dictate. Set the tartar sauce in the refrigerate and let the flavors develop. At least a half hour.

What white wine to serve with Pan-Fried Petrale

Perfect for Pan-Fried Sole

Perfect for Pan-Fried Sole

We like these breadcrumbs. Also, try organic breadcrumbs from whole foods. Some folks like to make their own from stale bread. Mix the bread in the food processor. Does anyone try this?