Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip with a Cabernet

The first day of Spring is near. That means barbecue time. We tried the Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip, and it is a delicious piece of beef. Costco sells the Steakhouse Tri-Tip for $5.99 a pound.

The tri-tip comes seasoned and in a marinade of Cabernet sauce. It is sealed in a wrap. The Steakhouse Tri-Tip is an easy way to entertain. Follow the directions on the package and it is difficult to mess up.

The Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip demands a big and bold wine. One that can stand up to the spice and marinade and the fatty juices. See the list below for wine pairing suggestions.

How to grill the Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip

  • Clean the grate
  • Make sure the bottom clean out try is free of grease. Juices dripping can cause flare-ups with a greasy barbecue.
  • Give the meat time to come to room temperature. Maybe 30 to 45 minutes
  • Use a good meat thermometer to check the meat for doneness (see below)
  • Do not overcook
  • Let the meat rest 10 minutes before slicing
  • Most importantly – slice the meat into strips, cutting across the grain of the meat and on the bias. I found a great YouTube video that clearly shows how to carve your tri-tip. See below.

What to Serve with the Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip

Costco wines to go with the Tri-Tip

  • Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel $18
  • Renwood Estate Zinfandel Amador $14
  • Kirkland Signature Rioja. $7
  • J Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles $12
  • Daou Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles $19.99
  • More wines we like at Costco now
Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip - tender and juicy
Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip – tender and juicy

I cooked the tri-tip on a Weber Genesis model and followed the directions to the letter. I was tempted to go with the Weber directions on cooking a tri-tip but decided to follow Costco’s directions. It was a perfect piece of meat. The ends were done medium, and the thicker pieces were medium rare, just the way I like it.

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Costco tri-tip
Cooked to perfection – Tri-Tip

Give the Costco Steakhouse Tri-Tip a try. It is an inexpensive way to entertain and your guests will marvel at your cooking skills.

How to carve a tri-tip roast

Last weekend, I decided to try a Tri Tip from my local market, Lunardi’s.  They have three different marinations. I chose the Burgundy one and it was absolutely amazing. It is definitely more expensive than the Costco version, but well worth it. We went with a Napa Valley Cabernet from the Charles Krug winery. 


  1. David Ybarra says

    No doubt. The Steak House Tri-Tip from Costco is excellent. In the past year it may have lost a little bit of it’s spicyness, at least the pieces I got had a little less marinated spice flavor. But still really good. I cook indirect charcoal heat on the Weber Kettle and add a nice hickory smoke. Using the Weber iGrill digital thermometer set to beef, tri-tip roast, medium 140 degrees. Perfectly cooked Everytime. Take off the grill and wrap in foil for about 20 minutes to let rest. Be sure to slice against the grain. Amazingly good.

  2. We just picked Wolfe Family Tri Tip from Costco this week. It was marinated but didn’t state what flavor on the label. It wasn’t a specific flavor like burgundy wine. It was very delicious but a little too salty. We only cooked half so will have to eat it again but will buy Tri tip and make my own marinade next time. We’re in SW Ohio so don’t know if other Costco’s around the county carry the same brand.

    • Joe Becerra says

      Thanks for your comment on the Trip Tip. It is interesting to note the different meat products that Costco carries around the country. Making your own marinade is an excellent idea. It will definitely cut down on the salt. Thanks, Joe

  3. I went to Costco today, the one by the S.F. Airport. They have plenty of the Steakhouse Tri-Tip.

  4. Lori Harrison says

    I just picked up one this week,to freeze. There EXCELLENT, even tho at $8.99#. It’ll be there for a special occasion. Would love to have the marinade recipe if anyone know where to find it…

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