Calypso Malbec 2009 – Amazing Wine Value

We have three wines to recommend this week and they are all from K&L Wines in Redwood City. When I was in the store a couple of weeks ago, someone asked me how long I had been shopping for wines at K&L Wines. I said so long ago that it was when they had their first store in Millbrae. That would be 30 years ago. Shocking!

Calypso Malbec 2009

Calypso Malbec 2009

Calypso Malbec 2009 – K&L Wines $11.99

Josh Mosher, Vino Servant App, suggested I try this wine, and am I glad I did! The Calypso Malbec is an absolutely beautiful wine. The aroma greets you immediately as you pour it into the glass. No need to run this wine through an aerator; it is deliciously good from the get-go. The Calypso has a very gentle feel to it on the palate, with many flavors to ponder. It is just a bit harsh going down, but you are rewarded with a long and lingering finish.

The Calypso is 100% Malbec, with 50% of the wine aged in new French oak barrels. This is a wonderful value at $11.99 at K&L Wines. I checked the K&L Website and noticed that the inventory is getting low, so word to the wise, do not hesitate to get a few bottles to add to your cellar. Robert Parker and Steve Tanzer both agree on 90 Points for this wine. The Wine Enthusiast gives it 91 Points. When was the last time you found a 90-Point wine rated by three of the big names for just $11.99? My rating is a solid 90 Points.

Mas Donis Barrica 2009 Montsant – K&L Wines $11.99

I reviewed an enjoyable Monstant wine (Bellum 2008) a couple of weeks ago that I’d purchased at Costco for $10.99, but the Mas Donis Barrica 2009 for $11.99 is a big step above the Bellum. The Mas Donis is 85% Garnacha, 15% Syrah from old vines and is an Eric Solomon selection. Eric Solomon is a well-respected importer of Spanish wines who lives in the wine area of Priorat, near the Monstant area. This guy knows the Piorat and Monstant wines like the back of his hand.

I love the enticing aroma of this wine with predominant red fruit flavors. It is medium bodied with gentle acidity and lots of flavors on the palate. I would decant this wine or run it through an aerator. I will buy more of this wine and the Calypso, as they are both fantastic values. I rate the Mas Donis Barrica at 90 Points. The Calypso I would have with something big on the grill, like pork ribs or fatty hanger steak. The Mas Donis Barrica would well go with a rotisserie chicken, perhaps with a rosemary touch to it.

Mas Donis Barrica 2009 Montsant

Mas Donis Barrica 2009 Montsant

Conde Valdemar 2011 Finca Alto Cantabria – $12.99

When you think of wines from the Rioja wine region of Spain, food-friendly red wines come to mind. This is one of the few white wines produced in Rioja. It is made from 100% Viura grapes and it has been barrel fermented. It is very dry and crisp with a touch of lemon flavor. But what stands out for me is the minerality in this wine. We hear a lot about minerality in wine these days, but exactly what is that character? If you taste this wine, you will certainly get a sense of this term. The minerality is a big part of the aftertaste and it lingers on and on. This is an ideal wine to have with light seafood. The Wine Spectator rates this wine at 90 Points and a “Best Buy.” I go with 88 points. It is a very nice change-of-pace wine.

Conde Valdemar 2011 Finca Alto Cantabria

Conde Valdemar 2011 Finca Alto Cantabria


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