Blueberry Pizza Prep – Wine Photo

Blueberry Pizza Preparation ingredients
Blueberry Pizza Prep

Blueberry Pizza Prep – Wine Photo

Blueberry pizza is one of my favorite pizzas to make and devour. It is a delicious pizza; when you consider the blueberries, it is one of the healthier pizzas to put on the table. To make the best-tasting pizza, one must start with homemade dough. It is not required, but the pizza crust will make or break the flavor. Buy fresh blueberries. Use fresh basil from the herb garden or farmers market. There is another secret ingredient to the blueberry pizza. It is not pictured. The element is Saba. Saba is made from grape must and is cooked slowly until it becomes a sweet syrup of unique flavors. When the blueberry pizza comes out of the oven, we pour a trail of Saba around the edge of the pizza and crisscross more over the pizza. What a treat.

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