BevMo Wine – the good and the bad

Bevmo wine

BevMo Wine – The good and the bad

BevMo Wine – the good and the bad

It has been several months since I’ve seriously shopped at BevMo for wine. Last week, I spent time at the Burlingame and San Mateo stores. My thoughts on BevMo wine, the good and the bad.

The Good

I was pleasantly surprised to find a good selection of wines from Spain, Chile and Argentina. I also found some new additions in terms of boutique wineries to the shelf.  Example: Truvee Chardonnay and Dashe Cellars Riesling.

I do like the fact that you can peruse the BevMo wines online, and then purchase and pick up your wine at your local wine shop. One GoodCheapVino tip, do a Google search and enter the keywords “BevMo coupon.” Nines times out of ten, I find a coupon for at least 5% off the total purchase price. That way you might get a free bottle of wine. Another tip: If you buy online, check the vintage when you pick up your wine. It may not be the same as the vintage you selected.

Some of the wines that I think are worthy of a try.

  • Zerran Garancha  $14.99
  • Zaca Mesa Chardonnay $12.99
  • Redwood Old Vine Zinfandel $13.99
  • Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon $18.99
  • Montgras Carmanere  $20.00 for two – 5 Cent Sale
  • Charles & Charles Columbia Valley Chardonnay $10.99

The Bad

BevMo has many obscure or unknown wine labels. They usually say “Vinted and Bottled by” or “Cellared and Bottled by”  on the back label. That means you do not know who actually made this wine. Over the years I have tried a few, and none of them have been very tasty.

In some of the white wines that do not age well, be very careful when buying a vintage that has reached its peak. For most white wines, not counting Chardonnay, the current vintage is 2014. There are also many 2015 whites on the shelf. I would stay away from any 2013 or older white wines, unless you know that these wines will not be on the decline.

BevMo Wine Expertise: I have found that the wine expertise is rather limited. The store manager is the person who knows the most about the wines, and after that it has been my experience that you get a mixed bag of knowledge. For example, I asked the BevMo clerk where I could find any California Albariño produced wine. “What’s an Albariño, a wine?”  Over at the other store, I was looking at the Argentina section of wines and the BevMo guy asked if I needed help. I held up a bottle of Malbec and asked what he thought.  “I hear it’s pretty good.”

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