Best Bargain White Wines of 2016

Best Bargain White Wines of 2016

The Vintage Wine Tasters announce the best bargain white wines of 2016. These inexpensive but great-tasting white wines should be available in the wine shops and stores in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and through online wine retailers. Use or 1000Corks to find the best price and where to purchase the wines in your area. There were many other white wines we liked in 2016, but we are not listing them, because they are sold out and unavailable. We have no Rosé wines on the list. We need to get working on those in 2017. If anyone out there has a great bargain Rosé to recommend, please do so in our Comment Section.

Any of these wines are perfect for parties and dinners during the Holiday season. Click on the link for each wine, and you will be able to read our original review.  Sparkling wine is always a good choice for Holiday Cheer and we have three we like very much.

List and reviews of the Best Bargain White Wines of 2016

Sparkling Wines *

*These non-vintage sparkling wines are very similar year after year.


  1. Susan M Johnson says

    Please advise us on which white wine and red wine to serve at a Wedding Dinner

    • Joe Becerra says

      I will shortly post an article on white wines for Spring. Those should work. As for reds, Merlot is always a safe bet. Markham has a good price on Merlot.

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