Best Bargain Reds 2017

Best Bargain Red Wines 2017

Best Bargain Red Wines 2017

Best bargain red wines 2017

We revealed our Best Bargain White Wines 2017, now we proudly bring you our Best Bargain Red Wines 2017.  These are the red wines we enjoyed the most during the year of 2017. The good news is that you should be able to find most of these wines still available for purchase. You can click on the wine to read our full review we made earlier in 2017. If you want to stock up on red wines for New Year’s celebration or other, I recommend the Tarima Monastrell or the Pontificis. They are both about the same price and very party worthy.

Thanks to our Vintage Wine Tasters for their recommendations throughout the year.  Use or to find these wines near you.

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It is surprising how many of our top red wine selections are at Costco. The Costco wine department seems to improve each year. Most have wine stewards, and the wine stewards I have met are very knowledgeable. They’re happy to answer your questions about the wines on the shelves.  In 2018 Total Wines is set to open a wine shop in the Bridgepointe Shopping Center. More bargain wines to choose from in 2018, we hope.

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