Are Your Serving Wine at the Correct Temperature?

Serving wine at wrong temperature
What does “serve at room temperature” mean?

Serving wine at the correct temperature is often one of the most overlooked aspects of drinking wine. Let’s review the correct serving temperatures for all wines and figure out a way of keeping the wine in your glass at the best temperature.

Correct Temperature of White, Sparkling, & Rosé Wines

Cold white wines are refreshing and cooling. The Pros tell us that 45 to 50 degrees is the ideal temperature for drinking white, sparkling and Rosé wines.

I did a side-by-side comparison of a glass of white wine out of the fridge (44 degrees) compared to another glass of the same wine sitting on the counter for 15 minutes (48 degrees). No doubt in my mind, the warmer white has more flavors in aroma, palate, and aftertaste. It remains refreshing.

Chardonnay wines offer a temperature challenge. The more oak, buttery and creamy flavors in a Chardonnay, the more likely it will benefit from being a few degrees higher. Try doing some experimenting and find out what temperatures you like.

There is a challenge to keeping your white wine at the correct drinking temperature. The wine will gradually increase in temperature as it sits outside the fridge. You can put it in a wine insulator or an ice bucket. I have not tried reusable ice cubes, but some wine geeks like them. These insulated ice cubes will not melt in the glass. Have any of you tried these ice cubes?

Temperature of Red Wines

ideal red wine temperature
Use an wine insulator to keep your wines at a steady temperature

The suggested temperature for red wines varies depending on the variety of the grape. Lighter style wines, as in a classic Burgundian (Pinot Noir), indicate that they should be drunk at cellar temperature. Cellar temperature is somewhere between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most often, the suggested serving temperature for red wines is room temperature. That is probably the most inaccurate standard for serving and drinking red wine. My house room temperature is all over the map. In winter, we are at 66 degrees. In the summer months, my kitchen and dining room hover around 72-74 degrees. In my book, 72 degrees is too high for a glass of red wine. I like most red wines around 65.

Depending on your situation, you may have to put red wine in the refrigerator for a short time to cool it down. With all the extreme temps we have been experiencing, I put my red wine in a wine insulator to slow down the temperature increase.

It has been my experience that most restaurants keep their red wines too warm. Perhaps the small restaurants don’t have a cellar or a cold room for storing wines. I usually bring my wine to a restaurant (Corkage), so no problem. On occasion, we will order from the wine list. If the wine is too warm, we ask for an ice bucket. Usually, a short time in the bucket will bring the wine to our preferred drinking temperature.

Wine temperature is essential, and out-of-range wine temps will affect your wine enjoyment. Always try to drink your wines at the correct temps.

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