Andrew Murray Syrah and More

2017 Tous les Jours Santa Ynez Valley

2017 Andrew Murray Syrah, “Uncorked” Movie, and Winery Sales

2017 Andrew Murray Vineyards Tous les Jours Syrah

There is consensus on the reviews of the 2017 Andrew Murray Vineyards Tous les Jours Syrah. The Wine Spectator and newletters from Jeb Dunnuck and Robert Parker are rating this Andrew Murray Tous les Jours Syrah at 90 Points. Antonio Galloni (Vinous) is at 89 Points. K&L Wines is where we purchased the wine for $14.95. It is also at for $16.95; both of these wine retailers ship wine.

Andrew Murray does a masterful job, vintage after vintage, on his entry- level Syrah. From Andrew Murray: “We start with great grapes from Paso Robles and the Santa Ynez Valley, and use the different climates to create a wine that is both fruity and spicy at the same time. I use my experiences with both New-World and Old-World style of winemaking to make the most drinkable Syrah imaginable.”

Winemaker Andrew Murray with Syrah in hand

Tasting notes and food matches for Tous les Jours

The 2017 Andrew Murray Syrah is just an all-around, great-tasting wine. A complex wine with spice, a lovely feel on the palate, and a decent finish. It has meaty notes and lots of red fruit. I rate it at 90 Points.

Mushroom pasta, pizza, steak, chicken, you name it; this wine dances with food. Because the wine is medium bodied and well balanced with tender flavors, it is a perfect wine to match with many dishes.

Andrew Murray has two tasting rooms. Along the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail, there are excellent wineries to visit, including Andrew Murray Vineyards. In the bucolic wine town of Los Olivos in Santa Barbara County, there are many tasting rooms including Andrew Murray.

“Uncorked” on Netflix

Now streaming on Netflix is “Uncorked.” This is perfect timing for our Shelter-in-Place directive. I very much enjoyed watching this movie. It is about a young man who develops a passion for wine while working at a wine shop. He eventually studies for the Masters of Wine Sommelier test. His dilemma is that his father expects him to take over the family barbecue rib business. It is a well-performed movie and, if you enjoy wine, you will find “Uncorked” an enjoyable film.

Scene from the movie “Uncorked” – streaming on Netflix

Wineries offering discounts on wines and shipping fees

It is a difficult time for wineries as you might imagine. Many wineries are offering discounts on wine and on shipping costs. Check your favorite wineries and see what they have to offer.

I have browsed several wineries’ Websites over the past two weeks. Even with a discount, the price of the online wines are in general pricier than you would find at stores like K&L Wines. Direct sales for a winery is their bread and butter. Let’s help out the good ones.

Here is an observation about the menu terms used by wineries for online wine shopping. If the Menu reads Store or Buy, chances are the wines are reasonably priced. If the menu item reads Purchase, you can bet that the wines are very pricey. When the Menu reads Acquire, watch out! That means big bucks for fancy wines. “Acquire” is one of a wine’s snobbiest of terms. “Would you like to acquire some of our finest wines?”


  1. Ted Moorman says

    Hi Joe,

    I miss you and your Peninsula tasting crew since I moved out of state. I urge your readers to safely support your local wineries and wine stores. However, if you do order from, there is a website that posts their active coupons. I have saved substantially.
    Also, I went through dozens of the offers on the Napa Vintners site. As you say, most are nosebleed acquisitions. The exception is Michael Mondavi Family with a nice deal.

    • Joe Becerra says

      Hi Ted,

      Thanks for the tip on Micheal Mondavi. Supporting local wine shops and the wineries is a top priority. I sure hope they are able to survive this situation but my guess is that several will not. A lot depends on how long the shelter directive lasts. For myself, I think I will be looking over my shoulder for a long time even after it is safe to be out in the public. Cheers, Joe

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