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Vintage Wine Tasting Club

Joe Becerra started GoodCheapVino in August of 2010. Joe and his friends were always exchanging information on great wine bargains and values. Why not create a blog where we could share our bargain wine discoveries with others. What a great way to discover and try different wines that are delicious while paying less than $20 a bottle.

Joe in the Loire Valley of France

Vintage Wine Tasting Club Members

The Vintage Wine Tasting Club

The members have been meeting for years, formally and informally, to taste and judge wines. With our formal tastings, we taste and judge six wines in a blind tasting. Individually, members of the club are always on the prowl for wine bargains. When members find a wine bargain, they are excited and anxious to share their finds with the other members. We are the best finders of good cheap vino.

More Information on the Vintage Wine Tasting Club

For those that read the weekly wine bargain picks and want to know more about the guys that make these recommendations and their wine expertise: There are nine of us altogether in our Vintage Wine Tasting Club. We don’t consider ourselves wine experts or professionals by any means.  We do think we have plenty of experience to be right a good percentage of the time on our recommendations. Here is why:

1. This probably is the most important quality we have for recommending wine. We are all everyday wine drinkers and have been so for over 40 years. That’s right, we are in that mystifying category of the “Senior Citizens.” However, our daily consumption of mostly red wines has kept all of us very healthy and very young in the mind, body, and spirit.

2. We visit wineries on a regular basis throughout the year. We meet many winemakers and owners.  

3. Several of us have traveled abroad to learn about the wines of the world. We have been to France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Chile. These were not wine tours; we booked visits to these wineries on our own.

4. We go to wine tastings. ZAP, Family Winemakers, Rhone Rangers, Spanish Pantry, Wines of Argentina, and  Santa Cruz Mountains Wine Growers Alliance.

Wine Sample Policy

We do receive wine samples if:

  • The SRP is under $20
  • The wine will be widely available at wine retail shops and fine supermarkets

We do not guarantee to post an article or review of all the wines received.

Send wine samples to:

Joe Becerra
1437 Cortez Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010
Contact email – joewinetraveler@gmail.com

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  1. For those of you in search of a good deal in dining out with wine, check out Astaria Restaurant on Third Avenue in San Mateo. Its menu is American-Mediterranean, but here’s the kicker — all their wine list (except the reserve bottles) are 50% off on Tuesday nights. We had an Antinori Tuscan for $22 (normally $44). The wine list is fairly extensive with a good sampling of California and Pacific Northwest varietals supplemented by Italian and French selections.

  2. Hi Joe,
    I rarely get any replies from you, but I wanted to comment on the Wine Bargins just sent out. Jim C recommended Trentatre and said there was plenty at TJ’s stores. The 2008 is a bit prunish, but the o7 was very nice. Our local TJ guy said that TJ bought the Trentratre label and wine so not to worry if it seems to run out because it will just be a day before more is there.
    We always look forward to hearing from you and I am an avid follower of you on Twitter.
    Thanks & Have a great day.

    • Thank Tina for follow me on Twitter. Wow, that is amazing about TJ buying the label. Very interesting! Thanks for that information.


  3. Awesome website….Tried the Vigilance Cimarron ’09, amazing bargain for $9.00. Trying the Les Mines Priorat ’03 tonight. Looking forward to each new weekly update.

    • Thanks very much! I tried the Les Mines on Monday and it is really good. Thanks for enjoying the website and tell us if you find any deals.

  4. How do I purchase a wine?

  5. Hi Joe,

    I was wondering if I can reach you via email? I tried to find your contact information, but there was nothing listed. Thanks.


  6. Why are there so many non related comments on this page? Weird. Regardless I just had to stop in and compliment you on your incredible writing style. Keeps me coming back. Bookmarked for future visits 😀

  7. (view website at own risk/safe for work)

    My girlfriend and I (she works at Millennium Restaurant, and is active in their wine selections) found this “cheap” wine, pretty common everywhere, that we’re really enjoying when we want something easy. It’s the 2009 Antinori Sangiovese Santa Cristina, IGT. It can be bought for as low as $8, and we’re finding it for under $10 at Safeway and elsewhere.

    For whatever reason we are really digging this big fruit, juicy, yet soft, wine, I think “bright” would be a good word for it. Doesn’t have much of a finish, but other than that it’s a really nice middle-of-the-week wine. Drinkable with most any pasta dish, or just on it’s own.

    Of note, the 2010 is really quite poor. I accidentally purchased it before taking note of the vintage, but I’m glad I did because the difference is vast.

  8. So I just spent 2 hrs of my lovely Saturday morning about researching Costco wine return policy since I bought some expensive wines that I didn’t like, and wanted return/exchange. Now the wine I bought isn’t even open, we just didn’t like the ones we did open. At first the warehouse mgr said it’s Georgia State Law however this is not the case. Ga state law says returning alcohol is at the will of the retailer. So I called Costco corporate and they read me that it is company policy that they do not take back wine or any other alcohol. Obviously it cannot be State Law since Total Wine will exchange even an opened bottle of wine if it wasn’t to your liking. So even though I love the Costco value, their lack of customer service and operational excellence has bothered me. Getting various answers from their warehouses and their unwillingness to make me a happy and satisfied customer although I have been a member for many years has really upset me. I won’t be raving about Costco anymore specifically since they broke my wine passion and trust in their excellence policy.

  9. Hi, Joe.
    I always read your reviews and buy the wines I can comfortably afford, which tend especially to be wines at Trader Joe’s, though in St Paul, MN, these are always $1.00 (14%) higher than the $6.99 you give. I don’t know whether the differential is profit Minnflation or tax.
    Keep up the great work.

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