A $35 Wine for $13.99

2018 Berryessa Gap Durif

Durif Berryessa Gap winery
100% Durif from Berryessa Gap winery in Yolo County

Durif, the Wine Grape You’ve Already Tried

Durif is a varietal that you probably have drunk many times. Durif is Petite Sirah. The Durif grape was created in the 1860s by a French botanist, Francois Durif, who crossed the Syrah grape with the Peloursin grape. The resulting grape variety was named after its creator and became known as Durif. The Durif grape is known for its small, thick-skinned berries, which produce wines that are full bodied, rich, and deeply colored. Today Petite Sirah is mostly found in California wine country.

The back label on the bottle of the Berryessa Gap Durif explains that the winery calls the wine Durif instead of Petite Sirah to honor its creator. The wine is 100% Petite Sirah from the winery’s steep hillside Cobble Stone Vineyard in Yolo County. The winery is situation on the east side of the Vaca Mountains. West of the Vaca Mountain range lies the Napa Valley.

petite sirah or Durif grapes
Petite Sirah grapes.

I discovered the 2018 Berryessa Gap Durif at the Redwood City Costco. This Costco has a much larger wine department than most Costco stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. I always find an exciting or unique wine when shopping there. Another plus to this store is that the KL Wine shop is just a few miles away, so I make it a two-stop shopping experience. The price at Costco for the Duriff is $19.99, but $6 is deducted at checkout. This price is as of Feb 28. The wine is sold out at the winery’s online wine shop but did sell for $35. The 2019 vintage is for sale at $37.

Berryessa Gap Durif tasting notes

The 2018 Berryessa Gap Durif is a beautiful combination of dark fruit flavors. The wine is well balanced, with a medium to heavy-bodied mouthfeel. It is not as robust as many California Petite Sirah wines. This is perhaps do to the Yolo County location and the fact that the wine was aged in used French barrels. This means little oak is imparted to the aging juice. This Petite Syrah is a delightful and delicious wine to drink. I loved every sip of this wine. 90 Points.

Here is what Jim Gordon of the Wine Enthusiast has to say: “This gorgeous, concentrated and warmly tannic wine carries the French name for Petite Sirah. It boasts rich blueberry, espresso and black-pepper flavors wrapped in a mouthcoating texture. Excellent ripeness accompanies good structure for an appetizing balance that demands sip after sip.”  Wine Enthusiast award 93 Points to the 100% Durif wine.

I recommend pairing the 2018 Berryessa Gap Durif with pork chops, baby back ribs, steak or sausages.

Tri-Tip is a perfect match with the Durif

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