95-Point Red Wine at Costco

Alain Brumont 2010 Château Bouscassé Red

Alain Brumont 2010 Château Bouscassé Red

Alain Brumont 2010 Château Bouscassé Red

Yes indeed, the Wine Enthusiast has given the Alain Brumont 2010 Château Bouscassé Red a 95-Point Rating. Please see: W.E. Review One of the most interesting aspects of this wine is its blend of grapes. Do you know the Tannat grape? The Château Bouscassé Red is a blend reportedly of 65% Tannat, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc. The wine is made in the area of Madiran, a village in southwest France famous for its rich, tannic wines. Madiran is the land of the Tannat grape and, as its name indicates, a grape with tannins. The foods of this village reflect their wines. Rich and gamey foods that match well with the Tannat grape. Note: I purchased this wine at the Foster City Costco for $11.99. One of my wine friends tells me the South San Francisco Airport Costco is selling it for $16.99. One of these stores has the wrong price. If anyone else sees this wine at another Costco, please indicate the price.  The back label on the Alain Brumont 2010 Château Bouscassé Red was so tiny that I did not bother with the back label photo.  Please see this link to an informative article on Tannat.

My tasting notes 2010 Château Bouscassé Red

  • Alcohol is 14.5%
  • Needs time to breathe, open it at least an hour before and decant it
  • Nice nose of dark fruit is lively
  • Good acidity
  • Not as big and bold as I expected, perhaps because the other grapes balance the Tannat
  • Aftertaste is lengthy and fun
  • Very enjoyable wine and a chance to try a Tannat.
  • I rate the wine at 89 Points

Food we suggest with the 2010 Château Bouscassé Red

  • Cornish game hens
  • Bone-in Ribeye
  • Baby back ribs
  • Mushroom risotto

Bargain Alert

Vintage Wine Taster Mike spotted at Trader Joe’s the 2014 Robledo Seven Brothers Lake County Sauvignon Blanc. It is $6.99. We loved the 2013 vintage of this wine. We will review it soon. Mike also spotted the 2014 Seghesio Zinfandel at the Safeway for $15.29 at the six-pack price. That is an exception price for this well-liked wine. 93 Points, The Wine Spectator

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  1. Note the correct spelling of the region is Madiran. IMHO Madiran is the hottest region in France for QPR reds.

  2. The 2014 Seghesio Zinfandel has been $15.29 at the six-pack price at my local Safeway for the last month or so. As of today, it is back up to $17.99. This change is puzzling. My experience has been that Safeway lowers wine prices right before the big holidays. If I knew the price change was coming I would have bought a case or more at the $15.29 price.

  3. I found bought it for 16.99 at Costco in Southern California. Good wine. I enjoy it

    • Thanks for the update. I went back to the Costco where I purchased the wine and they changed the price to $16.99. It is still a great price.

  4. Hi Joe,
    Can you tell me where did you find this wine at 11.99 at Costco please.
    I could not find less than 16.99 in the 3 or so Costco I visited.

    • I purchased the Ducasse for $11.99 at the Foster City Costco. It must have been missed price because the price is now $16.99. It was not an instant rebate. At $16.99 it is still a very nice price for an excellent tasting wine. I did purchase a few more bottles at the $16.99 price. I am sorry if I misled folks, but that was the price on 10/31 at the F.C. Costco.

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